9 women's needs from men, which they are afraid to say

People often talk about how difficult it is to understand women. Especially in modern society, when men are completely confused. Some women say they do not want their relationship to be public. Some want to report this to the world. Some dream of chivalrous deeds, others dream of equality. But these are not difficulties; you need to look for your own approach to each woman. Moreover, as practice shows, all women in relationships need the same things, which will become a solid basis for a serious continuation.

Inner strength

There are many strong, self-confident women in the world who take the lead in work and other areas of life, but afterwards many feel that this frightens men. If this is a part of your personality, you must understand that there should be a man much stronger than you next to you, then this will not be a problem. This is not a bad quality that you should give up and suppress it in yourself; on the contrary, it is your core, which should attract and immediately signify your position in life.

Openness and weakness

No matter how strong a woman is, none of us are bulletproof. Every woman wants to feel defenseless next to her man and not be afraid of it. Not only physically, but also emotionally. The opportunity to open up and show your feelings, without "censorship." If next to your chosen one, you do not have this opportunity, then everything else does not matter.


Of course, women value gifts and dates, but they also understand that all this cannot replace faithfulness, love, respect, and time. If you understand that your man is not serious, and for him it is no more than a temporary adventure, it is better to finish it at the start than to regret after a few years.


You have already heard stories about men many times, who at the beginning of a relationship resemble an ideal that came down from the pages of magazines, and in due course an uncouth loon, like a bad joke. Romance and courtship should not be reserved for the “bouquet period” relationship. They should not disappear over time and flow into bytovuhu.

Sense of humor

When it comes to attracting the attention of women: manners are important, good looks are a bonus, but humor is necessary. Having a great sense of humor is important not only for a good pastime, but also helps to cope with difficulties and maintain an easy mood.

The trust

Of course, everyone should be credible - but if you have not done anything to somehow arouse suspicion, and the man still doubts you, it will make you feel undervalued. Over time, you will begin to wonder if he is hiding something that he is projecting onto you.

A wish

The point is not only to tell you that you are beautiful. And to make you feel beautiful. Feel sexy. Feel welcome - not only from what your man says to you, but also from what he does. The way he touches you, the way he looks at you, the way he reacts to your new underwear, dress, whatever. Little things that make you feel attractive, both physically and emotionally. This is much more important than compliments.


Perhaps not the sexiest trait for a man, but still one of the most important. If you are committed to your partner, you should know that he will be with you in good and bad times. This is the hardest thing in relationships, this is the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of everyone who enters into them, but this is what this relationship will be built on and hold on to.


Everyone has what they want to change in themselves. But when it comes to the person with whom you are going to go through life, then you do not want to change anything. A man should take your best and worst traits until you yourself want to change them in yourself. This is just a banality if you love something, then only completely, without making adjustments.