Rating of the most terrible signs of the Zodiacs

Chinese horoscope can tell a lot about the personality and character of people. Below, we consider representatives of the zodiac constellations, in terms of their shortcomings.

Do you want to hear the truth as it is? Now you have this opportunity. Now your whole nature, from its most unsightly sides, will be exposed. Your lies, selfishness, and indecent behavior will be revealed. What for? Because it's time to find out the truth. And even your traditional horoscope will not be able to convince us otherwise.

Although, hell, maybe not all of us are bad personalities. There must be good people, right? We must have heroes among all these worthless creatures, right? May be. Or maybe not. One thing is certain: our stars and planets influence our bad behavior. We earthlings do not decide everything in our lives. People - this is part of a large plan, and in this case, we are talking about the laws of astrology.

For some people, using everything and everyone around is as natural as breathing. In fact, it is even good that these people chose such a way of existence for themselves, because it gives them a sense of the meaning of life. There are other people who use others as needed. When they have everything, they live peacefully and can even seem very sweet and sincere. But at the moment when they will miss something, such people find an object that can satisfy their desires and use it to the maximum.

So, according to what we learned from astrology, all people are terrible consumers, but some of them are especially greedy. Here is a list of zodiac signs that are the worst, and, in fact, they suck.

1. Virgo

Sorry, but the people of Virgo absorb everything around all the time, without stopping. They like to hurt other people, hurt them in the very heart, they like to criticize, and if you start discussing someone, the Virgos will be the most active in this criticism. They like to manipulate people's minds.

2. Aries

Probably, because Aries are smart, they commit vile deeds are very intelligent, but in reality all people around them are not important and not interesting. In the meanness they simply have no equal.

3. Aquarius

This sign is filled with deceit and disregard in relations with other people. He really knows how to leave a person in trouble. Aquarius enjoys friends as well as loved ones. Better not to get involved with Aquarius, even in emergency situations.

4. Lev

Acting to the bitter end, Leo uses other people so hard that your head will spin. He will be the first to tell you something offensive and cruel, but he will justify it by simply wanting to teach you a lesson. Leo, you suck!

5. Scorpio

Lies, hurts and enjoys it. Your pain is their pleasure, and the more you hurt, the better for them. They prefer not only to prick the other person, but to cause trouble and immediately laugh.

6. Sagittarius

A bad sign, because they always think only about their profit. Selfish and self-centered Sagittarius is not trying to improve relationships with other people just like that. But if he has a reason to communicate with you, in this case he will behave royally and generously and respectfully with you.

7. Scales

Libra sucks because they try too hard to be someone who they are not, and when they show their true selves, they can say a lot of hurtful words. At this point, they regret it, because they suck too.

8. Fish

A bag of flaws and this is not funny. The sobbing martyrs, who never cease to attract attention, Pisces will destroy you first, and then force you to look at it.

9. Cancer

In this sign of the horoscope is difficult to find at least something positive. These weak, sniveling snobs love to develop their narcissism in everything that matters. Never expect things to go smoothly when Cancer is near, because they can be happy only when they complain about life.

10. Twins

Try to get some of them to make an important decision. You can make many attempts to get an intelligible answer from them, only this will be in vain. The twins will not answer you. This is a very selfish zodiac sign.

11. Capricorn

Try to find a day when Capricorn does not use another person, and you will find yourself lucky. Probably because you will be many miles away from this representative of the zodiac horoscope. Capricorn is a nasty sign, because it likes to tell you how awful you really are. This is their favorite pastime, but because Capricorn sucks too.

12. Taurus

Taurus is another bad zodiacal representative. He simply will not do anything that is not quite what he wants to do, and if he does something for you, get ready to hear how much he suffers. This is very annoying, but because Taurus - sucks!