How to be if you fell out of love with her husband: what to do, advice from a psychologist

It is not difficult to justify yourself when a man does not love you and does not pay attention to you. However, if the husband, on the contrary, pays attention and cares about you, he involuntarily has to answer the same. “I don't like a loving husband” is a question that worries many women, and we found the answer to it.

The beginning of the end: "I have fallen out of love with my husband"

“My husband is an almost perfect partner, only dream about this. He does everything he can for me. And I am eternally grateful to him for this, but ... I do not love him, and I do not know what to do with this. I'm very embarrassed"
Unfortunately, not always feelings on the part of men cause the response in us. Even if next to you is the perfect man who genuinely cares about you, you may not feel happy, simply because you don’t need it at all.

What to do if the wife stopped loving her husband: tips from a psychologist

If you experience irritation, despite the fact that your husband is trying very hard and shows attention to you, do not torture him. Take a break in a relationship, and temporarily step back from it to ponder the situation. ""

The first thing to give up is the torture of conscience. You are absolutely not guilty of not being able to reciprocate your husband, and you should not constantly reproach yourself for this. The main thing is to try to find the reason why this is happening, and what decision can be taken in this situation.

“I fell out of love with my husband ... or not?”: Signs that love has passed

What signs may indicate that feelings for a man are in the past?

  • Lack of sexual interest: he is good in bed, but you do not want him, and this is a very alarming symptom.
  • Interest in other men: you look at other men, and not at all from sports interest.
  • Dreams of another life: even if he does everything for you, from time to time there are thoughts that everything could be better, you live with another man.