Focus on being a bad lonely woman

There is nothing wrong with being lonely. Not all of us are ready to find love, relax or meet for coffee with the second half. Of course, there are days when we want to return to an empty apartment and be alone.

And right now? That's right, we want to create comfort by ourselves. Or we want to go from house to house, because we are not tied to our own house, nothing holds us.

Society can create the impression that being alone at a certain age means that you are lagging behind society. As a single woman, I strongly disagree with this.

Take yourself, for example. Most likely, you are a very ambitious, passionate and brilliant young woman with great potential in the world, ready to change the world.

I'm right?

In today's world, many women are very worried about loneliness, while others are getting married and having children.

However, our culture is also experiencing change — those that support women who follow their dreams, and not the diamond rings. We see our world evolving in this way, and we must grow with it, making loneliness the norm.

You are not lagging behind ... you just fall in love with the wrong man.

It's time to forget about public judgment. It's time to change the traditional fairy tales - we will not talk about a happy ending, we will tell you how to get to it.

For now, focus on being a bad lonely woman who pursues cherished dreams. You should drastically change your life. You do not need a man to make all your dreams come true, but you need 9 tips to help you reach new heights:

1. Travel the world

The journey opens your eyes and your heart. If something gives you strength, it will be the sunrise in another part of the world.

Go with friends or travel alone, as the whole world is waiting for you.

2. Read about other successful women.

Be inspired by the cool women who are truly changing this world, whose success has nothing to do with those with whom they are married. Remember, you can be one of them.

3. Treat yourself and charm it.

Forget that it sounds stupid, but there is not a single woman who does not feel better after visiting a salon or clothing stores.

So give up and go broke in the spa or arrange a hen party with your friends.

4. Surround yourself with great women

There should be people in your environment who make you laugh, who support you and your initiatives, which make you start something new - this is the path to success.

5. Subscribe to the useful

Every month you will receive funny surprises that will serve as a reminder of the need to pamper yourself and hopefully be useful to you in everyday life.

6. Spread the message of love

Instead of feeling sad about the lack of dating, spread love. Spread your love for yourself, for the world, for your family, for your pet or, damn it, even for your favorite wine. You never know what will follow.

7. Focus on your career.

Follow your passion, climb the career ladder, risking for the sake of greater reward, and do it all, regardless of the man.

8. We need a break from time to time.

Enjoy this glass of wine, spend a quiet night, eat a whole bath of ice cream and do not scold yourself for it. Treat yourself because you deserve it.

Although something may seem a little strange, when was the last time you decided to try something from this list?

You may surprise yourself, you may love yourself a little more, and you may feel much more able to change your world.

“I am a lover without a lover. I am cute and lonely, and I belong only to myself. " - Warsan Shire