6 ideas for a manicure, which will be appropriate after the holidays

Holiday season is just around the corner! A pleasant series of Christmas dinners and festive parties will begin very soon, and if you have already decided on evening gowns, cozy sweaters and shiny eye shadows, it's time to think about a manicure.

Are you guessing? We decided to help, and collected for you 6 ideas of a luxurious and at the same time simple nail art that will give your nails a festive look and will perfectly complement your New Year's look.

Rhinestones, glitter and unusual patterns - be inspired by our selection of festive nail designs and be prepared to exchange the classic red cover in favor of a more original manicure.

Among our favorites is an unusual service jacket, when instead of the traditional white shade of lacquer gold or silver is used. Do not be afraid to go beyond the tip of the nail - if the line gets thick, it is even better. You can paint with a brilliant varnish a good half of the nail plate - such a manicure is also relevant.
@ artstreetmoscow If the soul asks for more shine, paint the entire surface of the nail with brilliant varnish. In addition to the New Year's classics - gold or silver, you can use sparkles of other shades. For example, orange, lilac or scarlet.
@ artstreetmoscow Pearl-effect nail polishes, as well as metallic metallic varnishes are another holiday trend.
@ artstreetmoscow Nail design with graphic patterns in the form of geometric shapes and contrast lines is no less relevant. And also using various patterns and applications. For example, stickers in the form of stars and Christmas tree branches.
@ beauty_lab_store Another option is to make a moon manicure using two contrasting shades. For example, gold and red.
@ And, of course, the manicure with glitter is at the peak of its popularity. The more sparkles, the better.
@ artnail.moscowChoose the ideas of a holiday manicure and ask the master to make you the one that you like, or try to repeat it yourself.