How do you destroy a relationship and do not even suspect it

Many women love to read articles about how to keep relationships, how to keep a man next to him, but do not pay attention to the main thing. This is not a panacea for all misfortunes and not a magical formula of love, these are just universal tips that are basic for any relationship, and little things will manifest individually for each couple.

You can never keep a man who does not want to keep himself, even if you follow all these tips. It is the relationship with a man that makes your union unique, and not the methods that you picked up in a magazine. In the end, every next woman with whom he will build a relationship probably read the same article.

Women from time to time do several things that guarantee a bad relationship, and unconsciously.

You reveal the "dirty details" to your friends.

Your friends who know more about you than he is, this is the main obstacle to a strong relationship. And if you share the details of personal closeness, especially straight from your bedroom, you do not deserve its loyalty in the first place. How would you feel if you knew that he was discussing parts of your body or sexual skills with his friends? As a rule, women who are in a long relationship, do not share any details of their intimate moments with friends. Men are by their nature, rather secretive, and when their whole life is put on display, they try to run as far as possible.

You are trying to change it

Men change their behavior only if it makes them happier and better. Any changes in the behavior of men, based on your perseverance, will not be supported. If you understand that the habits of your partner or his actions annoy you, it is better to immediately think about parting. You can not change the way a person lives, just because he does not suit you, especially when you initially went to a relationship, knowing about these features.

You do not dream about him in bed

When a woman is truly in love with a man, she craves him physically to such an extent that she cannot sit quietly with thoughts of him. Yes, it is true that the rush of constant arousal does not last forever, but what do you expect in the future if your desire for it does not manifest itself from the very beginning? Sex is the most important element of romantic relationships. This is what distinguishes your relationship from all other unions in your life. You can communicate, have fun, share secrets with friends or family, but it is with him that you can bare your body and soul. And let's be honest: if he turns your world around in the bedroom, you can quietly close your eyes to the fact that he sometimes forgets to take out the garbage.

You are addicted to social networks

Set aside social networks. You need to stop creating an alternate reality if you want a fruitful relationship. Honestly, women are sure that the hours spent in viewing photos from other people's travels, reading recipes that no one ever prepares or style tips really improve life. Stop looking at how everyone else lives, and start living your own life. Every time a smart and confident man realizes that a woman is dependent on social networks, he unconsciously begins to move away.

You can not accept his interest

If you can understand and share his interests before you go too far, you will become much closer. If not, you will go to the background for each other. For example, watching your football matches on weekends could be your man’s passion. Yes, you hate football, but why don't you try to overcome yourself for the sake of someone whose hobby will take you all weekend for a long part of your life? Moreover, in the end, he will also respect your interests and try to grasp them.