Male revelations: 3 stories about why they cheat on their wives

Treason of a loved one is always a powerful blow, after which enormous internal resources and a lot of time are required for recovery. We talked with three men who cheat on their chosen ones to find out their motives.

Leonid, 37 years old

My wife and I have been married for 13 years. I can honestly admit: yes, I occasionally change it. I do this not to hurt her, betray or humiliate her in any way. Just an affair on the side for me is a way to relieve tension and get new emotions. For such a long time of living together, as my wife and I, people get used to each other, get used to too much, the drive disappears in the relationship, passion and novelty - this is a fact that simply exists. Sometimes I feel that the routine has sucked me to the limit, and I understand that in order not to plunge into it completely and irrevocably, I need to find relations on the side.

I never get in touch with someone for a long time or seriously, I do not lead by the nose and do not live for two families. In the first place and in priority for me will always be my wife and children, and I do everything so that they did not know about my novels. After a shake-up and new impressions, my wings seem to grow: I again fall in love with my wife, re-flaunt her again and a new round begins in our lives. This is my way to a new level of family life.

Andrey, 34 years old

I have been dating my woman for 4 years. Yes, I can safely say that I love her, and that she is the best for me. But I have another woman to whom I am also very attached, imbued with her and dependent on her. I rush about between two fires, realizing that I am acting very meanly towards both of them, although they do not know about the existence of each other. I just can not throw one for the other, because I know that I will do very painful not only for one of them, but also for myself. And I live, not understanding who I have to be a real girl, and who is just a mistress.

Jacob, 43 years old

My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years, we have two practically grown children and an adjusted life. My wife is support, support and reliability. We walked with her through fire, water and copper pipes, and I can safely say that this person knows me like no one else.

But for 11 years I have a mistress. I do not love her, she knows that I am married and I will not give up my family. In turn, she is also married for a long time and is not going to change anything. We meet each other from time to time for a pleasant stay, and sometimes it is limited only to dinner together, conversations and intimate conversations. We can share urgent problems with each other, give practical advice and support. And, of course, sometimes we have sex, but, again, this is more like the platonic love of two old friends. I do not want to break off relations with this woman, because she gives me a lot spiritually and fully understands me.