8 secrets of how to get yourself out of a bad mood

I often write about depression and I admire ways to improve your mood, because I have suffered from depression and anxiety throughout my life.

Since I began to dance and lead a more authentic life, I have experienced a “bad” mood much less often, but sometimes it happened. Bad mood, as a rule, appears because it grieves you and lasts for several hours or a day or two. This happens to most of us, but a person is diagnosed with depression only when he has a bad mood for at least two weeks, along with many other classic symptoms. (If you have any concerns that you may be depressed, contact a qualified medical professional immediately; this article does not in any way replace the appropriate medical advice)

Most of us have to go through difficult moments in life, sometimes when the weather gets colder and darker, but especially when we feel that life does not go as we would like.

Here are some tips to help you get rid of mental imbalance and return to life. Use them to put yourself out of a bad mood or to protect your positive mental state (this is not about denying feelings, but sometimes our lack of professional consultation with a doctor negatively affects our mood):

1. Move

Regular moderate or intense exercise can have the same effect on your mood, as well as daily intake of antidepressants. To exercise regularly, all you really need to do is walk: go to work, go on business, or go for a walk with a friend or partner. You will be surprised how much it helps. Even if this is the last thing you want to do, you will feel great.

2. Eat healthy foods throughout the day.

Do not torture yourself - it will make you grumbling. Stay away from sweet unhealthy foods or drinks that raise blood sugar levels, and then, sugar drops, causing mood swings. Choose foods enriched with omega-3, such as flaxseed and fiber, rich in fiber, this will bring happiness to your brain (literally).

3. Get enough sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation can greatly affect your mood and inability to cope with stress. You may think that you are depressed, but perhaps you just need to sleep more and if you regularly sleep less than 7 hours a night, I am almost sure of it.

4. Laughter is always good.

I remember the day when I had to visit the dentist, and after that I felt pain in the gums. I didn’t want to do anything except to lie on the couch and turn sour. But I turned on the TV and stumbled upon a stand-up show. A few minutes later I laughed out loud. Many times, a dull, lethargic condition that seems to be a permanent place of residence in your brain is only a temporary condition that can change quickly, with the right approach.

5. Turn on the music you love.

It is difficult to remain calm when playing music that you love. I can move from the blues to the dances (or, at least, to pitiful attempts) in 5 seconds if the right song is included. Pay attention to music, friends, TV shows and events that give you energy and make you feel fun. Use them as your secret weapon when you feel overwhelmed.

6. Try to sit up straight.

It is true: when we feel depressed, we tend to slouch. Stand up straight, walk purposefully, do not forget to breathe correctly, and, above all, smile. You will get better.

7. Avoid drinking alcohol.

Drinking for a moment will make you feel good, but this is not the way out and, therefore, ultimately, your mood will start to decline. Worse, it affects a healthy sleep, making you feel worse the next day, even if you rest for eight hours.

8. Get a solar charge

I know, I know - it causes wrinkles, skin cancer, etc. However, some experts believe that the increasing rates of depression are the result of constant indoor exercise, and the fact that we put on sunscreen when we go outside It blocks the body's ability to get vitamin D, which protects against bad mood. Our brains need daylight and sunlight to continue to produce neurotransmitters with good health. When the sun rises, go for a walk: walking and sunlight are good for your body.

I can not guarantee that you will feel great if you do all these things, but you will feel better and more resilient to emotional ups and downs.

Another important note: if you have been feeling ill for a while, especially if you had thoughts of hurting yourself, ask for help or a professional opinion.