7 rules followed by all the most well-groomed women

The French have the expression "to be a woman to the tips of the nails." The French, who are considered the greatest connoisseurs of fashion and female beauty, believe that spending time on yourself every day is simply a necessary ritual. True, there are times and states of mind when you want to give up on everything. When it is not clear for whom, for what purpose all this external gloss, which takes so much time. The motivation to not run yourself can always be found. There are no ugly women, there are women who are too lazy to follow.

For myself

Self-love is a basic instinct that allows a person to realize himself as a person. Women from the point of view of psychology are somewhat more complicated than men - our appearance directly affects our self-esteem - and as a result, love of ourselves. If you love yourself, it will immediately reflect on your appearance - styling, manicure, pedicure, a train of sparkling luxury perfume, eyes glowing with happiness ... How little women need us to be happy!

For a loved one

Love has always been a powerful motivator for transforming the external and internal for women; it will be just as strong an incentive to keep yourself in the daily beauty tone if a beloved man tells her woman every morning that she looks great today. Just want to run to a beauty salon in order to hear these words again and again. As if the wings behind his back grow!

For kids

Children look at their parents and imitate them in everything. And if the daughter looks at her mother, who always lacks time to take care of herself, what example does she get? It only seems that a manicure, pedicure, hairdresser takes a lot of time, which is better to spend on children and a loved one - in fact, it’s enough to go to a beauty salon once a month - then you just need to support what the specialist did. But what example will be before the eyes of children every day!

For career

Beautiful people are always more successful in life, and in a career, including, than people who do not consider it necessary to care for themselves. Well-groomed now become synonymous with success. In women, beauty can be an added advantage on the way to the top of the career ladder. A distinctive feature of any business woman is sleek appearance. She is dressed in an inconspicuous gray business suit, but well-groomed nails, face and styling are obligatory.

For a good mood

Self-care should be a pleasant habit, not another daily burden for a woman. He should cheer up and please. That's why marketers came up with beautiful jars, melting textures with incredible aromas that you want to inhale and inhale in your hands ... And all so that daily self-care brings pleasure from the process itself. A trip to the salon manicure has long been for women a kind of session of relaxation and psychological restart.

For the future

How much time and energy you spend on self-care now depends on your appearance in ten, twenty, thirty years. Dividends from investments in skin care, figure, hair now, will definitely be. And not only in the form of a young body. Beauty is a measure of social success - and I really want this success to last as long as possible.

For parents

When their daughter blooms and smells, parents realize that she is fine. If a girl has a well-groomed look, good mood, if you have enough time not only for work and household chores, but also for manicure, hair, shopping in search of the perfect dress, then her life is good. And parents have nothing to worry about. And when parents are calm for their children - is this not happiness?