8 things that do not need to ask a man under any pretext

As a rule, in order for a man to fulfill any whim, women will always have some tricky tricks in store. But sometimes it is worth stopping and turning on wisdom - there is something that can never be asked for.

1. Too close to your relatives

Borders of communication with relatives of a partner is always a rather complicated topic. Of course, respect and elementary benevolence should always be present. But you do not need to demand from your man to love your relatives with all your heart and rush into your arms when meeting you. Firstly, you will not go against yourself anyway, and secondly, such too close communication, as a rule, does not end too well.

2. Give up your hobbies

For a man, a hobby is something sacred, personal and very important. To ask him to put his interests in the background for the sake of your whim is very selfish. And besides, most likely, he will not do it, but the feeling of resentment will remain.

3. Dress the way you want it.

It happens that we don’t like our partner’s clothes, and by hook or by crook, using unthinkable arguments or setting ultimatums, we make him wear what we want. Appearance is a personal matter of each person, and no one has the right to dictate anything.

4. Stop chatting with friends.

Even if his friends annoy you madly, make you angry, and you think that communication with them is clearly not good for your man, do not demand to give them up. For men, friendship always has a more subtle basis and connection than for women. Therefore, do not be surprised if, in response to your request, he chooses friends.

5. Have the same worldview and interests with you

Each person is unique precisely by what his views on life, values ​​and worldview are ground precisely for him and are not similar to others. Do not think that the partners must be identical and similar to each other. The essence of the relationship lies precisely in being able to accept your companion as it is.

6. Change for your sake

Many women think that if a man truly loves, he will definitely change and become what they want him to be. They begin to break it in every way and adjust it by any means. Forced to upset you - no one can be forcibly changed. Sooner or later, the true essence will still come out.

7. Earn more

You can delicately hint about this, throw up ideas of a happy secure future, push, but in no case require an ultimatum. For men, this is a very strong blow to vanity and resentment for many years.

8. Do not throw you

Never be humiliated and do not ask not to leave you, to be together always and to be faithful to the end of ages. Such words for a man will lead to the fact that his sense of self-importance will swell to immense sizes, and he will manipulate you, confident that you are completely dependent on him and forgive absolutely everything.