Get out of your wardrobe: 4 pairs of shoes that disgrace a woman

Shoe errors

Choosing shoes, it is important to adhere not only to taste preferences, but also to pay attention to fashion trends and practicality of individual models. Gross mistakes in the choice of stylish shoes are:

  • Unnatural acidic colors - the original color of a shocking design is not quite appropriate in everyday life. As a rule, with such models it is difficult to form classic bows or even an evening look.
  • Buying in a hurry - when we hurry, choosing a thoughtful, fashionable and practical style is an unrealistic task. As a result of the rush, you can buy a completely uncomfortable shoe model, which is also outdated.
  • Tips consultants - not always consultants are designed to help the buyer. They can impose completely outdated models that have long been on the shelf and are completely unclaimed.
  • Eco-materials differ in cheapness, but quickly lose their shape and can fail at the right moment. It is better to opt for natural materials.

Thus, we can conclude that the campaign for shoes should be thoughtful. It is worth looking at the fashion trends of the season, compare the practicality of similar models and see if this or that model will be applicable to the base capsule of your wardrobe.

Shoes that have long been removed from the wardrobe

There are some models of shoes that are already hopelessly outdated, but still are popular with many women. What pairs of shoes have long become irrelevant?

Uncomfortable shoes

As a rule, these are extremely tight and uncomfortable shoes with high heels, with a platform in the toe of the product, too high studs, shoes on a huge wedge heel. In addition, too big a heel in everyday life can give the image cheapness and completely spoil the first impression. Such uncomfortable shoes look unnatural, violate any proportions of the legs and make walking difficult.

Shoes that rubs

Similar models are found among sports shoes, and in the number of sandals, shoes or ballet shoes. Such shoes not only cause discomfort, but also can ruin even the best date or an interesting journey. The best option is to get rid of rubbing models and their subsequent replacement with practical and convenient size options.

Anti-trending shoes

Each season has its own anti-trends in the assortment of shoes. In the past, present and future seasons, the ratings of anti-trends took fur slippers, summer boots, acid-colored shoes, high wedge shoes or bulky heels, sneakers, slip-on shoes with rhinestones and laces. Unfashionable shoes can spoil a stylish bow and imagine you are not in the most favorable light.

Shoes that have lost their appearance

Old, deformed and worn shoes look extremely unattractive. Such models not only spoil the image, but also harm the gait, especially if the product has a damaged sole. Such shoes can fail during bad weather or become useless at the most inappropriate moment. It is best to get rid of damaged, old and worn shoes with distinctive defects. such pairs of shoes from the wardrobe, you can not only get rid of unnecessary things, but forget about outdated shoes forever. The presented models are not only included in the antitrands of the coming and present seasons, but are unlikely to ever return to fashionable Olympus.