Goodbye Skinny: jeans that will become number 1 in 2019

Straight leg jeans are new skinny. This simple vintage style has become a favorite among fashionistas around the world. But, as is the case with any changing trend, sometimes it takes a little inspiration to determine what small changes you need to make in your style when moving from the old type of favorite jeans to the new. There is nothing right or wrong in how to wear jeans with straight leg, but much more advantageous when in your arsenal there are several ideas of ready-made images.

Whether it's a stylish heel or something more casual for a weekend with friends, these images will inspire you to make straight-cut jeans the perfect choice in 2019 (they will inspire even ardent skinny jeans).

If you like bright colored outfits, straight jeans are a great way to balance your ensemble. Try to wear a red top and a jacket in a tone paired with jeans and complement the look of a cool pair of classic shoes.
@ venswifestyle Since straight-cut jeans tend to look more at ease, one of the ways to put them on in the office is to beat them with classic things such as a solid-colored jacket and pointy ankle boots. Put on an elegant scarf or shawl as a finishing touch.
@ streetrendsIf you classify your style as refined, you’ll be perfect for an image with jeans, a simple-fitting jumper and a pair of heels. You can add a belt to highlight the high waist of jeans and complete the image of a frame bag.

Among our favorites is also a fully denim image for all occasions - jeans paired with a denim jacket. What makes such an ensemble particularly cool is the use of key trends, such as white shoes and beret.

The simplicity of straight cut jeans makes them the perfect blank canvas for any look. These jeans will help you wear those things that you usually could not combine with each other - for example, shiny shoes and a leopard coat.

A nice pair of vintage jeans with straight legs is also perfect for creating a stylish casual look. Add a structural top and plain shoes - and everything will look great!
@ thestyleograph A darker shade of jeans paired with trendy cowboy boots and a tonal denim jacket will also look very stylish.