7 actions of a man with which he commits quiet emotional abuse

Quiet emotional abuse in relationships is more difficult to recognize than other ways of suppressing a partner. Verbal insults or severe disregard can manifest themselves not only in personal but also in professional relationships.

Below we give 7 signs of hidden emotional violence, with the help of which it will be easier for you to identify such actions of a man:

1. He is rude in a calm voice.

Insulting in a calm voice is also a way of emotional abuse. Giving offensive nicknames to a friend or partner is a pure form of emotional abuse. By the way, it can come not only from your partner, but also from a colleague or boss. Thus, you should pay attention to this not only when it comes to your romantic relationship.

2. Bad behavior

If your partner calls you a "fat woman" and claims that he is just fooling around, and you are overreacting, this is a red flag! The emotional partner may call you too offensive, but he will pretend later that it was a joke. What for? To make you feel guilty when you complain about his words.

3. He makes you feel guilty.

The so-called removal of guilt is another form of emotional abuse. This is an abusive manipulation, the purpose of which is to make you do something for someone.

4. He ignores you

Avoiding contact and interaction with you when you disagree with your man or friend is another signal. In fact, this behavior can be the worst form of emotional abuse without words.

5. “I would not listen to you”

If your man does not listen to you during a conversation, it means that there are problems in your relationship. This is usually a form of quiet emotional abuse that can make you feel undervalued. If this happens, there is no doubt that you are insulted and not respected.

6. mistreatment

Your man may treat you disrespectfully, doing bad deeds, but at the same time blaming you for taking it too seriously. As we mentioned earlier, in such a situation, a quiet emotional abuser may try to justify his behavior. He can blame you for being too sensitive.

7. He can humiliate you

Sometimes it's really hard to understand how he manages to humiliate you so much. Usually the strongest indicator of a problem is that when you are close to it, you feel bad.

This type of emotional abuse is more damaging than obvious abuse. The reason is simple: silence abuse is more difficult to recognize, and this means that we cannot take action prematurely. Another problem is that even if we do this, we may be accused of overreaction. We perceive shouting as an act of direct aggression, and reactions to it occur naturally. But when we become victims of a silent insult, we can decide that it is we who consider the situation falsely offensive and provoked ourselves. That is why you may feel guilty, trying to show what you feel against your partner, who also applies dumb aggression to you.

Some important facts

Experts also discuss the problem of quiet emotional abuse. Psychologists and therapists share the view that many violators disguise their behavior with rhetoric, which prevents partners from criticizing their actions.

You should remember that if your man does not scream at you and does not beat you, this does not mean that he cannot offend you. If he is trying to dominate you, undermining your self-confidence, if he despondently enters with you or even simply speaks unpleasant comments to you in the next - pay attention to this!

If you do not feel comfortable being in the company of his friends, because he or his friend behave in any of the above ways, you should end your relationship. The sooner, the better. Violence is violence, regardless of the form of expression and tone.