Babskiy behavior: 8 qualities that distinguish the aunt from the woman

There is in our country such a category of the weaker sex, as an aunt. “Babskiy behavior” can be distinguished and very young person. It seems that my aunt is the same as all women, but it is worth looking at them more closely, and the striking differences are striking.

1. Aunts do not tolerate criticism. They immediately start a retaliatory attack and do it very aggressively, assertively and shamelessly. Real women are always sensible and calm about criticism and try to draw conclusions.

2. Aunts are sure that a man owes them everything: my life, a million scarlet roses and a star from the sky. True women understand perfectly well that relationships are the work of, first of all, two partners, and not just one.

3. Aunts love to water the mud behind their backs with their partner, discuss the flaws, intimate life and gossip. Women believe that it is not necessary to wash dirty linen in public and all problems should be solved between the two parties to the relationship.

4. Aunts are terribly jealous, reaching property. And they themselves are not averse to flirting in front of their lover with other men. Smart women will never be jealous of each pillar of his man and will not descend to flirt with others.

5. Aunts constantly teach men how to live correctly, how to behave and what to do.. They believe that they have a great understanding of life, and if someone disagrees with them, they argue fervently and fall into a rage. Real women understand that it is impossible to know everything and impose their opinions on other people. Everyone has their own life experience and vision of fate.

6. Aunts love to manipulate a man, putting pressure on his emotions, pity and sense of duty. Women understand that the only sensible way to solve problems is through constructive dialogue and informed decisions.

7. Aunts always hope that someone will help them: surrounding, money, connections or higher powers. Women believe only in themselves and know that they create their own destiny with their own hands.

8. Often the aunts want to show themselves as zealous feminists: they hate men, blame them for everything and believe that the whole reason for the troubles on the planet is in them. Real women never think so categorically, do not divide the world into black and white, but know that all people, regardless of gender, make the same contribution to the world around them.