Mistakes in personal hygiene that women make constantly

Most of us feel pretty confident about personal hygiene. However, regular shower and manicure and pedicure - not enough. There are some mistakes in personal hygiene that are easy to make without even knowing about them. Want to know what these mistakes are and how they threaten? Then read on.

You often touch your face with your hands.

How often do you touch your face with your hands or cover your face with your palms? Every time you do this, you pollute your face, driving dirt into the pores, and leave bacteria on it. Therefore, try not to touch your face at all with your hands, especially if you have not thoroughly washed them before.

You wash your face after training

It would seem that this could be bad. But in fact, it is best to wash your face before training, and not after. The fact is that when you exercise, your face sweats, you start rubbing your skin, rubbing all the dirt that was on it. Therefore, it is best to start training with a clean face. Even if you sweat, there will be no germs and dirt on your face, so it will not be necessary to wash after a workout.

You take a shower or bath only in the morning

Morning shower is a pleasant ritual that gently wakes you up after sleep. However, you should not replace them with an evening shower.

A shower before bed will help you sleep better and keep bedding more clean. Having washed off all the dirt that has accumulated on the skin during the day, you can ensure your cleanliness and health.

You rarely change the washcloth

Bacteria, mold and fungal microbes very quickly accumulate on the washcloths - especially when the washcloth is wet. So replace it with a new one as often as possible and dry thoroughly after use.

You do not wash makeup brushes

Makeup brushes should be washed regularly - and this is very important. It does not take you much time, believe me, but save your skin from bacteria and acne. In addition, only with clean brushes you can create a perfect makeup. "

You can wash the brushes with mild soap or foam and water, and then you need to give them a good dry.

You use mouthwash

The fact is that some mouth rinses contain aggressive ingredients in the composition, which can lead to dehydration of the oral cavity. So, if you like the idea of ​​rinsing your mouth, do it with products that do not contain alcohol or other aggressive substances.

You use the phone in the bathroom and in the toilet

In fact, in the bathroom and the toilet, your phone accumulates a lot of bacteria - and then you bring it to your face or you touch it with your hands - and you take over the bacteria. Try as often as possible to clean the surface of the phone and wash your hands to get rid of germs.