15 facts about relationships that will surprise you unpleasantly

Relationships are not only candy-bouquet period, romantic dates and kisses under the moon. This happens only in the first period of falling in love, and then comes the reality to which you need to get used to, adapt and constantly work on your union. We present to you 15 truths that reveal the real truth about what must be overcome in order to save your love.

1. You can never trust your partner 100 percent, even if he is the best, loyal and noble.

2. Periodically you will quarrel, insult each other and hurt. This is normal, the main thing is to learn and forgive each other.

3. From time to time you will feel that the relationship is so fed up that you want to find someone else. Do not be afraid of these thoughts, because they are natural and normal. The main thing is to be able to stop in time and not implement them.

4. You may not want to have sex with your partner forever, and this is absolutely normal. Periods of rise in sexual desire are replaced by a recession.

5. You may not like all his friends and relatives. You should not try to establish a very close relationship with them, limit yourself to benevolently detached communication.

6. Sometimes your partner will annoy you terribly, and you will think "How could I choose it?". Fortunately, these thoughts pass.

7. You will constantly compare yourself with your partner. and come to the conclusion that you are better than him, and sometimes vice versa.

8. After each inflicted pain you will become stronger smarter and more experienced, and look at everything from a different angle.

9. A wedding is not a final. This is the beginning of a new, long and difficult journey.

10. You will have a lot and work hard and give it a lot of time and effort to provide for your family and have solid ground under your feet.

11. You will be forced to learn to part with their grievances. and do not dwell on the bad, otherwise your love will stumble in one place.

12. Sometimes you will feel the most beautiful. and desired for her man, and sometimes absolutely unattractive.

13. You will be jealous of him - it is inevitable. The main thing is not to go deep into it too much and not to sink into possessiveness.

14. Your closest friends will eventually become secondary, because the first place will be taken by a beloved man.

15. Whatever happens, you should know that your life is tied to one person. You have you - and this is the most important thing.