7 things in the wardrobe, the rejection of which will make you 10 times happier

There is a difference between stating that you hate everything in your closet and owning things that really make you feel bad. When it comes to your wardrobe, filling it with things that delight you should be the number one rule. If you agree, then why are you holding onto things that cause you to feel insecure, disappointed or something like nostalgia that hurts, such as pants that you used to fit in, or gifts from someone special who is no longer in your of life?

Life is so confused, so when it comes to a wardrobe, it's better that this is a place where you can temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle. A wardrobe should make us feel the best version of ourselves.

In this article we share with you a list of those things that should be thrown out of your closet to make your life happier.

Things that do not fit

@ camillecharriere It is safe to assume that most women (and men) store more than one item of clothing in their closets, which used to fit them, but no longer fit. The goal behind the preservation of the above-mentioned object is to induce oneself to lose weight enough to fit into this clothing again for whatever it is. This tactic, however, awakens rather negative feelings towards your body — and yet none of us need this.

Therefore, we recommend to abandon such items. For example, from too narrow jeans. It is better to invest in jeans that not only fit you in size, but also make you feel more confident and in unity with your body.

Things reminiscent of past relationships

@ camillecharriereIf you do not want to unexpectedly stumble upon a necklace, presented to you by an ex-boyfriend and which makes you sad, better get rid of it.

If you take a step to remove items from the wardrobe from your wardrobe, you will have room for something more pleasant.

Things with unrealistic expectations

@ camillecharriere Many people tend to buy clothes that are quite difficult to wear and combine with something or that you can wear only with certain things, such as a sticky strapless bra or an impractical extravagant dress for an art house party. Throwing these not very versatile things out of the closet, promise yourself to buy mostly things that not only never let you down, but also very comfortable to wear.

Borrowed things you still haven't returned

@ camillecharriere It was time to return the top borrowed from a friend three years ago so that you would not be tormented by conscience every time you bump into it. At the same time, we recommend that you send a small gift (or a note of apology) with the borrowed thing to show how embarrassing you are.

Nostalgic t-shirts

@ camillecharriere Perhaps you keep one or two favorite T-shirts from student days to sleep in them sometimes. But when you do decide to throw them away, you will feel how you became a more emotionally healthy, adult and stylish person, and you liked it. Replace the old nostalgic T-shirts with new cool T-shirts, which are not only trendy now, but also will not make you sadly nostalgic.

Poor quality and temporary trend items

@ camillecharriere Chasing fleeting trends can lead you to build up a huge pile of low-quality and irrelevant things that you only wore a couple of times before they stretched and fell apart. So feel free to say goodbye to such things, and then promise yourself to spend money only on really stylish and high-quality things that will last you more than one season.

Things that require a special approach

@ camillecharriereBud then a silk skirt that constantly slides, a silk dress that folds when you sit down, or a coat that can only be worn with a certain pair of jeans at a certain time of year - sometimes there is nothing more tedious than clothes which needs an eye and an eye. Take a closer look at clothes that you happily come back to again and again - most likely, these are universal things that come to the rescue in any strange situation and allow you to look cool. The list of such win-win things - midi dresses and luxurious cozy knitted items.