4 ways to be the owner of beautiful lips in 50+

Who does not want to always have beautiful lips? Unfortunately, with age, not only crow's feet appear around the eyes, but also a large number of wrinkles on the lips and around them. If you are concerned about the appearance of your lips, start doing a few key things so that your lips always look younger and more attractive (and this is not about injections).

Always peel off

Dry, scaly skin is a problem that torments many women as they age, and since lips tend to be particularly prone to dryness and crack, you will likely find that the cracks and dryness on the lips become more and more noticeable with age. .

The first step in the fight against dry lips is regular exfoliation. There are some simple ways to do this. You can just gently remove the dead skin layers of the lips with a small towel and warm water at night, as well as once or twice a week to exfoliate the lips with a sugar scrub. To do this, it is enough to mix equal parts of olive or coconut oil and brown or white sugar. The oils in the scrub composition will effectively moisturize your lips.

Do not forget to moisturize

Now, when the skin of the lips is well exfoliated, it will be better moisturized. Start every day with a moisturizer: apply a moisturizer on your entire face (don't forget to also apply a coat of SPF), and then apply a layer of ultra-moisturizing balm on your lips. If necessary, during the day, re-apply lip balm. Another great method of moisturizing is to apply a thin layer of honey on your lips, cover with Vaseline on top and leave for 10−15 minutes before washing off. You can do it at night before bed. And remember that the skin was hydrated, you should drink as much water as possible.

Use the right lipstick

Although there is a temptation to stick to the lipstick of a certain shade and texture that you have been using for years, as you grow up you should evaluate whether your old artillery works on you. Too dark, dull or glossy lipstick shades can highlight the signs of aging on the lips. Dark shades can make your lips thinner, and very dull or shiny shades can accentuate dryness. Try a rich creamy formula in a shade that is slightly brighter or deeper than the natural color of your lips. For the effect of puffy lips, apply a transparent gloss over your basic lipstick - it visually gives lips a volume.

Trace the outline

So, after you have applied a moisturizing balm and are going to paint your lips, first of all carefully draw their contour with a pencil for lips. This will allow you to delineate the boundaries for which the lipstick should not go, and she also will not get wrinkled in the lips. You can draw an outline along your actual lip line or by going a little beyond its border to make your lips look a bit more voluminous. Another life hack: if before applying lipstick you make up your lips with a pencil, you will get a more saturated coating and increase the resistance of the lipstick.