Everything you need from a relationship according to the sign of the zodiac


Aries needs a partner who constantly challenges them. You always want to be able to work hard to achieve what you want. That is why you need someone who will set you almost impossible tasks, who will meet and keep up with your life rhythm in everything.


Since Taurus has a well-developed material component, they want to be in a relationship with those who apparently have everything. It is extremely important for you to be close to a successful partner. However, in fact, you are much more interested in who, like you, is willing to put a sufficient amount of effort on the development and preservation of your relationship.


Usually you are looking for someone unpredictable and fascinating, but like true Twins you tend to get tired of it easily. You want to find someone who in everything would look like you and would not be afraid from time to time to turn your life upside down. However, in fact, you just need a person who could provide you with a sense of stability and confidence in the future.


Cancers want to meet a partner who matches every item on their list. You want to see next to you that person who would gladly accept all the love you are willing to reward him with. However, it is not a secret to anyone that first of all you demand loyalty from your partner. No one should take you for granted.

a lion

It is not surprising that the Lions most of all want to find a partner who will only entertain their self-esteem. You need someone who will always give you a strong charge of confidence with yourself. However, this person should also be able to put you in place from time to time.


Virgos expect complete obedience from their partner because they want to exercise total control over your relationship. You want to be with someone who voluntarily allows you to decide everything for him. At the same time, your partner should perfectly understand you and be aware of what makes you nervous.


With Libra, everything is very simple: most of all they want to be loved by their partner. But that is not all. You also want to see alongside someone who will be able to satisfy all your needs and show you the respect you deserve.


Scorpios always want those who can not possess. And all because they are more afraid than ever of the very idea of ​​relationships and do not seek to find themselves in a vulnerable position. That is why, when you strike at the unattainable, you allow yourself to throw a goal in half a word. You need a partner that you can truly open up to.


Like Scorpio, Sagittarius is obsessed with those whom he cannot get primarily because he is too afraid of obligations. That is why you have to adapt each time. You need someone who can instill in you the ability to stand firmly on the ground.


Capricorn needs an independent partner. You need someone who will not require undue attention to himself, continually showing obsession. In addition, your elect must be able to show you the full value of love and relationships, because our life is not limited to career and work.


Aquarius simply needs a partner who is all like them: character, temperament, even habits. In addition, he should not try to criticize you or try to change you for the better, in his opinion. Your partner is obliged to accept you as you are, regardless of any circumstances.


You crave a relationship that you have dreamed of since childhood. Pisces are carefully looking for someone who could realize their seemingly unrealistic fantasies. In no case should your partner limit your creativity and seething imagination. He is obliged to encourage your desire to be yourself.