5 ways to wear pants that eclipse even the most expensive dress

Despite the fact that fashionable midi dresses are rightfully considered to be one of the most practical and win-win wardrobe items, during the winter frost period, we recommend putting them in the background and looking at a warmer, but no less stylish piece of clothing: pants.

It would seem that it can be more versatile trousers, but it is important to be able to stylize them.

What to wear with a fashionable pair of pants? We have compiled for you several fashionable cheat sheets of ready-made images that will help you save time on fees and provide an elegant look for any occasion.

So, here are 5 ideas of stylish images with pants.

Classic trousers + wrap blouse

Of course, with classic trousers, it is more usual to wear a shirt with buttons, but wrap-around blouses look equally elegant with them. Do not forget to complement the image with neutral accessories, such as a handbag and gold earrings with pearls.

Turtleneck + flared jeans

If you value practicality, then this look, complemented by fashionable shoes, will be an excellent choice for you. If you are not afraid of fashionable experiments, wear a silk top over a turtleneck - almost all street-style stars do this.

Printed trousers + plain sweater and coat

Trendy pants with a bright print now and then appear on fashionistas around the world. If you want to balance a bold print with an eternal classic - combine trousers with a stylish coat of camel color and a jumper to match it.

Check trousers + basic shirt

Over the past few seasons, trousers in a cage have boldly ascended to the fashionable Olympus. And a cream pair of such pants is an ideal investment for the spring-summer season of 2019. Wear a basic khaki shirt with such pants, for example. Wear it unbuttoned, and put on your favorite white T-shirt underneath.

Pants with animal print + plain silk top

If you are going to a party, you can always rely on trousers with a predatory print, worn in a pair with a monochromatic silk top. Combine the image with minimal accessories to emphasize expressive trousers.