How different zodiac signs express their love without saying a word


Aries who are trying to constantly attract attention, will conquer love tops. They are too impatient to wait until you stop ignoring them, so they immediately declare their feelings for all, eating the eyes of potential rivals, without thinking about how embarrassing you are. They are confident in their oratorical abilities, which have clearly been rehearsed, and are definitely not ready to surrender without a fight, therefore, as always, they are getting their way.


Taurus will spoil you terribly. Their attention will be directed not to the satisfaction of their own desires, but rather to provide you with the very best: food, wine, gifts. Anything you want. These are the people who will come as soon as you get sick, change the bed linen and put you to bed, and then order food from an Italian restaurant, which is impossible to get to without booking. You will understand when they really fall in love: they will not mind hanging around with you in your favorite eatery, or when they are ready enough to stop stubbornly pretending and discuss their feelings and problems with you.


The twins will make it clear what they need from you, they will include you in their busy schedule and they will be honest with you, as their mood is constantly changing. They will let you into their lives in the hope that you will become part of it. They will tell you when they want to be alone with themselves, expecting that you will be somewhere close when they are ready to communicate again. They will explain exactly what happens to them, because they sincerely want you to understand them, because they think that you are capable of it. When they begin to feel comfortable enough to allow you to foresee these needs and understand their feelings, listening to your intuition, you will understand that this is love.


Cancers love to receive guests, so if they have serious feelings for you, they will offer you to meet with your friends and family, and if you find yourself among the people Cancer loves, you are also likely to be included in this category. They are sentimental in nature and feel nostalgic, which is expressed in such romantic gestures. They will go through Amazon in search of the toy that you wanted as a child, until they find it, surprise you with a trip to the first meeting place or sing your favorite karaoke song especially for you. When they trust you to the point that they show their children's photos, you will understand everything.

a lion

Naturally, Leo is the most sincere and gentlest sign of the zodiac, therefore there will be no confusion in their feelings. Their care gives you the feeling that you bask in the sun, they will not be too shy or indecisive to tell you about their feelings. But the real sign that Leo loves you is how you overcome difficulties together. If, after disagreements, their feelings do not fade away, they learn the art of forgiveness and offer their sincere apologies, it will indicate to you that they are in love.


Virgo will make a list of all the reasons (which is absolutely natural) for which they love you, and you will be able to tell how long it took them by tracing through the changing colors of ink. Damn it, the list can even be sorted by color. Smile, hair and eyes are blue. Wit, intellect and political beliefs - purple. Sex is red, and so on. Do not be discouraged if you find a list of minuses on the reverse side, even if it means that you are very similar to Mr. Darcy. It simply means that the Virgin really thought of everything. Virgos do not live in a world of fantasy and illusion. They made a conscious decision about what they want. And they want to be with you.


Libra's confidence will indicate that they love you. They do not embarrass their feelings when they are not forced or overwhelmed by decision-making. Scales will be your greatest support and make sure that you know exactly how much they admire and respect you. They will feel that they have indeed met their love, soul mate, other half, and to show this, they will reciprocate your feelings. If you helped them during a particularly difficult week, they will definitely thank you in different ways. You will understand the seriousness of their feelings when they try to do for you as much as you do for them.


Can not be said about scorpions. Scorpio will do everything possible to assure you that this is definitely not love. They are most likely to write off their desire for their healthy lifestyle (reading, practicing crossfit) and will not pay attention to it. But they will be caught red-handed as soon as their speech slips through conflicting statements about how much they enjoy your company. How to understand that you are not just another notch on the belt of Scorpio? If they start a sentence with “I have never told anyone this before ...” or when they disclose the denouement to one of their many lovers. The most painful part for them. Because if Scorpio admits that he has any feelings, it is understood that they are mutual.


In Streltsov everything will be written on the face. You will clearly feel their feelings before they themselves are aware. They will stop podnachivat you and will be extremely serious when they worry about you. And if they ever confess their feelings, it will mean that they abandoned the role of a clown and let you into their lives. Sagittarius is sharp on the language and extremely honest, and if he loves you, it will be the rare case when you appreciate his straightforwardness. But if frank words are not enough to convince you that you have tamed a wild, freedom-loving Sagittarius, you will be able to understand that this is love when, returning from a journey, he will devote you to his stories - when you are the only person he asks: “Will you pick me up from the airport?”


Capricorns are patient, cautious and entrepreneurial, so they will not rush in matters of love. You will understand that they are passionate about you when they begin to treat your relationship as a long-term investment, constantly giving their time and love, knowing that constant efforts are necessary for success. Capricorns are very conservative, so they can delay the declaration of love until they are fully confident in the duration of the relationship, but until this point they will try to show their best. They will bring you lunch if you forget your wallet at home, make breakfast when you are hung over or think of a gift you would prefer to receive on your birthday. To be with you, for Capricorns, is a way to express your feelings.


Aquarius in love will be your biggest protector. Having the biggest heart of all the signs of the zodiac, they will show you that they are not indifferent when they direct their humanitarian activities to something that is close and dear to your heart. It can be political or social affairs or just a show of kindness to your friends and family. These are the people who are having an unexpected party for you or just coming up with spontaneous plans for you to have a great time. Non-standard thinking is inherent in them, so be prepared to try something new, because they will show themselves, sharing with you the opportunity to gain a unique experience.


Complete confusion is created in the heads of Pisces; you will understand that they are in love when they begin to initiate you into all their dreams and creative thoughts. When they no longer feel the need to escape from reality, because they feel that at the present moment there is a connection between you, they will want to express their feelings in words, but do not be surprised if they are not fully understood because of laughter, tears, and maybe of both. If this turns out to be too difficult, ask them to write all this, but know that “everything” will definitely not fit in the SMS.