10 years older: 6 hairstyles that add age

Least of all, we want our hairstyle to become old. She, on the contrary, should rejuvenate us and make us more modern and attractive. Stylist Enrique Ovardus told about six types of hairstyles that age us - and what to do with them to fix it.

Too much volume, part number 1

Too voluminous hair is a thing of the past. Too much volume — especially straight or wedge-shaped haircut in the spirit of actress Julianne Margulis from the ER First Show — ages your outlines. So give up the volumetric styling. It is better to make several strands of different lengths to level excessive volume.

Too much volume, part number 2

Hair weighted at the bottom can ruin your outlines. Try to make a multi-layered haircut to balance the volume of the hair along the entire length. An excellent option can be fashionable this season, cascading haircut.

"Stone" hair

This is not only those hairs that turn into stone after applying a varnish or fixing gel, but also those that are cut so that they seem lifeless, and you are even afraid to touch them with your hands. Such a “stone” hairstyle makes you look as if your own style is also frozen in place.

Heavyweight bangs

Bangs again in the trend, but here, too, has its own nuances. Again, the softer and more airy the bangs, the younger and more attractive you will look.

Too straight hair

Straight hair is gorgeous. Super straight smooth hair can look very strict. So put aside the iron and add some romantic waves to your hair, or at least do not overdo it with hair straightening.

Coloring in the style of the 90s

Glare in the style of the 90s may look unnatural on your hair. And if you choose too dark color, it is unlikely to favorably emphasize your facial features.