10 rules of correspondence with a man, which women just can not be broken


The rules are invented to violate them, you might think. But communicating with a man in correspondence is a process that is so delicate that you can quickly break wood and then apologize for a long time because you did not mean it at all.

In order to develop relations with a man you like in the right direction, follow the rules of communication with him in instant messengers or SMS. If you break them, it can hide at all or disappear from your life. So:

1. Do not use double or triple messages.

It is one thing to break the text into several messages and send them at the same time, but it is quite another thing to send several messages if he did not answer the first within a few minutes. How can you talk about trust in a relationship, if you constantly ask where he is, what he does, with whom he is? You are not his nanny. And do not distract him every five minutes. Remember that a little bit of freedom is important.

2. Write correctly

Inconsistent phrases and misspelled words are the scourge of modern correspondence. Of course, you can use abbreviations or errata, but excessive use of them will look like you are still studying in high school. It's time to grow up and learn to write in good Russian. Random errors, like autochange, of course, are not so critical. But if your messages are completely unreadable, then do not be surprised if the relationship ends in nothing.

3. Do not abuse emoticons

Honestly, they make you look stupid. And in order to show emotions, it is not necessary to replace words with pictures. The man you are writing to is not a first grader and doesn’t need a picture book as a hint. If you want him to take you seriously, then begin to behave as an adult, including at the time of correspondence.

4. Do not use messages as the main form of communication.

You need to learn to communicate with a partner personally. Of course, messages allow you to feel bolder, because you do not need to look someone in the eye when you say something. But this is a cowardly act. When it comes to seriously expressing your feelings or thoughts, stick to a personal conversation.

5. Do not lose pride

If he makes you stupid or writes nonsense, then you don't just need to brush it off. And for some reason, men believe that a woman who is waiting for an answer looks like a crazy woman. You do not ask, but demand respect. Do not allow to communicate with you as horrible. And another thing: who you really like, will not leave your messages unread.

6. Do not worry

To play, you need to know the rules. But if it's not fun for you, then it's not worth it. The meaning of the game is to find love. But you will never find it, if you spend time each time trying to guess the next step. Let the correspondence pass naturally. If you worry every time after sending a message, then the relationship will either end soon or you will have to suffer all the time.

7. Give him a break

In other words, do not need to write again. Unless you have forgotten something at his home by chance. Let him rest before he attacks his victim again. Good couples know how important personal space is. Therefore, stop a little, listen, and generally stop taking life too seriously.

8. Never find out the relationship only in correspondence.

In any relationship there are disputes and disagreements. And the best way to solve them is to personally speak. The text hides the tone. And he often sharpens the argument, but does not resolve it. If you really need a solution, wait until you are there, and then both of you will have the opportunity to discuss everything.

9. Share your personal good

If you have something to say, then do not waste it on the message. Men do not like to communicate in writing. If you write to him about everything that is happening around, then you will not have anything to talk about when you are near. You do not need the first memories of the relationship to be such that you do not even see his face.

The first time you say “I love you!” When you decide to live together, such things should always happen when you are in the same room.

10. Do not write to your ex

After the relationship, you always need to close the door. And even in virtual communication there are no exceptions. Your ex must be out of your life and out of your phone. Do not give any slack. Block his number and completely delete it, because you deserve more than a textual apology.