6 rules of a woman who can not be thrown

For many girls, it remains a mystery when a man who does not love his companion lives with her or continues a relationship. What is so special can keep him and why he simply does not go to build happiness with another. Maybe he even has a passion, but he does not dare to destroy the old relationship. Become a woman who can not quit, eager to everyone who has ever experienced the pain of separation.

Tips on how to behave to keep a man.

If you set a goal to keep a man at all costs, then look at him and then correct your behavior, if necessary. You need to very well arrange the network and think through every act. Analyze what the man wants the most and give him that.

1. Sex, once again sex

If the intimate aspect of relationships is important to him, become a skillful lover. Suggest interesting experiments in bed. For the time being, he will definitely forget about everything. All men are by nature males and they crave to have more women. But if you are all the time different for him, he is unlikely to want to leave.

2. Conquer and conquer

You should never be easy prey. The thirst for hunting and owning a trophy only inflames passion and desire. Therefore, men will choose the one that will give it all. It is important to admit to yourself and give warmth and comfort, but at the same time give the opportunity to conquer every time.

3. Best friend

Perhaps a man is passionate about work or has a different passion. So become a professional in this business. If you always have something to talk about and have fun, you definitely don’t want to look for someone else to do it with. Women who share his hobby with a man will always be there and they will think a thousand times whether they should go to another, even if their feelings have died away. Show keen interest in his hobbies, and you will notice how you will become closer and dearer.

4. Friend for mom

Often a man is close with his mother. Then be sure to make friends with her. Do it by hook or by crook. When you have such a strong ally, who will stand for you with a mountain, the chance that you will be thrown will be almost zero.

5. Hand in hand to the end

When a man wants a family and children, then say that this is a priority for you. If he is looking for frivolous relationships, argue that you do not need more. When you have one goal, it is always easier to move in this direction together. Therefore, it is so important to understand the priorities of your man in life and to follow along with him always.

6. Tears and homemade cakes

Few men have threats and tears, but there are such persons. Use such unusual means if you see that the game is worth it.

Well, of course, home comfort and delicious food. Women who give all this in abundance will always be appreciated. No one wants to voluntarily refuse a delicious dinner and a pleasant homely atmosphere.

You can be happy by holding a man.

So that your companion will not go anywhere and always be near you, you need to sacrifice a lot. And above all, change yourself. Perfect when it gives impetus to the development. You will begin to devote more time to yourself and your appearance, learn new knowledge and skills. But if you lose a part of yourself and turn into a shadow, it's sad. Usually, after a while, it comes to the realization that it was a huge mistake to keep someone near you, and it was not worth such a titanic effort. So think about whether the game is worth the candle or you just need to let go of the person and continue to search for your happiness already with someone else. And do not become ideal for someone.