What to go home to stay desired: 5 comfortable ideas

A modern woman who wants to please her man should look perfect always and everywhere, even at home. The home image should be thought out no less carefully than the parade-weekend, because at home women are beloved men who, as you know, love with their eyes. If you want to look at home attractively and stylishly, pay attention to home wardrobe items that will not leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex.

So, to make an impression on a man, home clothes should be not only comfortable, but also moderately sexy. A woman should always remain beautiful and desirable, even with a frying pan in her hands, otherwise a different, more attractive “object” can attract the man’s attention.

Most men can not resist if their darling wears the following items of clothing at home:

Denim clothing

The most sexy are skin-tight pants or shorts, which effectively emphasize the dignity of a female figure. In addition to the stylish "appearance", denim clothing is very comfortable: it stretches perfectly and does not restrain movement. T-shirts, blouses or shirts made from natural materials are perfectly combined with jeans or shorts.
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silk robe

Yes, this particular item of clothing makes a man have a keen desire to touch his beloved, because silk fabric is very pleasant to the touch. Silk dressing gowns can be decorated with lace or ribbons, the main thing is that such clothes look attractive, not vulgar, otherwise they can be used only in intimate matters ...
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Knitted suit

If you have a spectacular figure, be sure to get yourself a soft and cozy knit suit, which will make you even more attractive in the eyes of a man. Prefer modern styles, avoid flashy colors and rustic patterns, which are often associated with men with grandmothers or children. This image can be effectively complemented with original slippers, boots or short robe (if the suit is in shorts).
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Knitted tunic

Monochrome tunics are elongated sweaters and sweaters that give a feeling of comfort and look very original and romantic. Such clothes are often decorated with various pompoms, strings or patch pockets. In the tunic it is very warm and comfortable, besides, they are perfectly combined with knitted golf or homemade boots, which make a woman more tender and sweet.
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The dress

Home dress is a kind of must-have that every woman should have. We are talking about stylish and sophisticated models that emphasize the figure of a woman and her personality. A dress is exactly the clothes that make a woman a woman, so if there are only pants in your home wardrobe, it's time to get a pair of three original dresses and become a real lady.
Dress homemade Oysho. And now, a couple of tips on how to make your home image perfect.

The rules of good tone in the selection of home wardrobe items

Choosing clothes for the home, remember that it is important to know the measure in everything. For example, too frank silk dressing gown, openly showing all the ladies "charms" or shortened shorts, which are not recommended to bend, can hardly be called a good example of home clothes, especially if your family has children or older people.

The materials from which home wardrobe items are made should be attractive and pleasant to the touch, then the man will look for opportunities to touch you as often as possible.

Remember the rules of color combinations - do not use more than 2-3 shades in clothes, otherwise you risk to turn into a “motley bird” and spoil your impression.

The correct home image is a stylish and attractive clothing that emphasizes the dignity of your figure and makes you a real woman even at home.