Optimistic horoscope for 2019


Who will riches fall from this year as if from a sun-horn of plenty, and who will not stand such a serious leg and break loose?


This sign doesn’t care if they have enough wealth from the coming year or not, because rams are completely self-sufficient and most of them have already got their own cornucopia.

For the new year, they have already planned several serious cases that will improve the situation in the house, but they are not going to radically change their lives.

January and August will be favorable months for rams, beware of change in April and October, otherwise life will make fun of you.


The Taurus, like the Aries, for 2019 has already harvested its own cornucopia, at least in the future. However, the year of the pig will still not be the easiest for them: trouble may happen to your wealth, even though it will be preceded by a gift of fate. But do not panic, if you observe financial caution, everything will be in your favor.

Favorable months will be March and November, only July should be wary - in the summer turmoil you may stumble upon trouble.


Gemini, this whole year will be completely dependent on you. You yourself determine by your behavior whether you will get the wealth of the sun pig. And it does not scare you, you are accustomed to relying only on yourself. The twins understand when to act and when to abstain. And the symbol of the year appreciates that.

All months will be equally favorable to you, the exception will be only upstart February.


Crayfish are wary, as if some of the enemies did not put a pig on them. This strategy will justify itself in 2019 and you will stay on a horse, and not on a pig. It is unlikely that you will be very lucky, you will have to extract all the wealth yourself, but when people close to them are close to the crayfish, they are able to move mountains.

The most favorable months are spring, the least - November and December.

a lion

Lions in 2019 are going to open a hunt for rich prey. Maybe it will have to wait most of the time, but it will be worth it. Yes, and strong representatives of this sign of the zodiac is unlikely to be scary.

The best time to attack is the summer months. At this time of year, the prey will be more visible than ever. But in the winter months, when the visibility of your plans is minimal, it is better to refrain from this.


Virgo this year may seem terrible, unfair and poor. But if they take a closer look, they will understand that everything is not so bad. Here are nice gifts from relatives, soon vacations and holidays, and over there, very close, an increase in work, yours or someone close to you.

The most important thing for virgins this year is not to panic and just enjoy life. It is from this will depend on the favorableness of a particular month.


The most calculated and economical sign of the zodiac this year will be lucky, you yourself will understand it if you think everything is good. Do not pursue success and wealth in the year of the pig, and then it will come to you. Much more important in the new year will be to communicate with family and friends, if something is wrong in them. In addition, the year 2019 will be favorable for improving the living space of the scales: make your home truly comfortable and you will be happy.

The most favorable months are February and March. Do not put yourself at risk in October: it can end badly.


Scorpios, with their bursts of aggression due to the arrogance of others, should be softer, kind, and even friendly in the new year. Believe me, the symbol of the year wants to give you a gift, but just afraid of your temperament. But become kinder, and wealth itself will come to you!

The months when you can still be angry are September and March. But do not dare to be aggressive and depressive in January and December! The symbol of the year most often in these months presents gifts.


Sagittarius, like lions, can be tempted and start hunting for large fish. However, in most cases this will be a disaster. Do not do what you want - the secret of happiness for archers in 2019. Much more productive for archers will be to arrange a little rest for yourself, do what you like

The most favorable month in 2019 for archers will be April. This month, the stars will be gracious to you, archers will get what they deserve for many years.


With this sign of the zodiac is not so clear, as with the character of its representatives. The stars that patronize Capricorn this year will not be visible, because their orbits and the orbits of the earth will be opposite to the sun, which on the one hand can mean an abundance of wealth, and on the other, unexpected events that you cannot influence. This year is better to trust fate!

Favorable will be the most sunny months - May and June, but in March and October, everything will not be too bright. Find your own sun!


Aquarius - those people who will make the year of the pig more bright and richer for others. But how you spend it yourself depends on your choice of your companion in the new year.

February and March will be favorable months, but some solitude is waiting for you closer to September.


It is unlikely that the new year will bring something new into your life, however, you will have a wonderful opportunity to improve relations and strengthen them. This will be the key to your happiness in the future. Stability is your goal!

The most favorable months for fish are summer, spend it in warm lands, if the weather in your native area has failed.