6 physiological female characteristics that subconsciously attract men

Everyone knows that we are attracted to each other at a subconscious level - hormonally, sensually and, of course, according to the principles of natural physiology. In fact, men are not attracted by bright makeup and high heels, but by truly feminine biological features that affect instincts.

1. Lower back deflection

This is exactly the seductive angle of the trough that so attracts the male sex. It is believed that he is the mega sexy, and not elastic and pumped fifth point.

2. Thin wrists

Men consider thin wrists a sign of femininity, aristocracy, fragility and defenselessness. It is so nice to take a woman by the hand and stroke over such an inviting part of the body.

3. Blush

A woman's slightly red cheeks is a symbol of coquetry, a slight shame and just what makes her seductive, attractive and healthy looking. Many women are complex because of this, but it is not worth it, because gentlemen love red-faced young ladies.

4. Plump lips

Craze inflated lips appeared for a reason. After all, indeed, than a woman's lips are plump, the more feminine and attractive she looks. But, of course, if this feature is natural, and not made artificially.

5. Big eyes

The eyes are known to be the mirror of the soul. A clear, wide-open, open look captivates and attracts men and, moreover, makes a woman incredibly attractive and seductive.

6. Wide hips

Wide hips - a sign that a woman is healthy and able to make efficient offspring. That is why, on a subconscious level, men are drawn to such women, because this is how they try on the role of the mother of their children.