10 things to stop wearing for women over 30

Fashion blogger Jesse Bash shares his experience and advice on shopping planning and outfit. Although Jessie's style changed significantly when she turned 30, she also believes that age is just a number, and you should wear something that makes you feel the coolest and most confident.

When I was 30 years old, I did not get up in the morning and did not decide that from now on I would wear something and not another. Not. I just realized that in my wardrobe there were things that I wore in my 20s that I just don’t want to wear anymore and that I don’t feel in harmony with the rest of my current wardrobe. However, everyone has different aesthetics, and what does not work for me after 30 years can still work for you. And it is beautiful. However, if you're interested, read on to find out what 10 things I’m not going to wear for the foreseeable future, and what things I wear to wear right now.

Dropped: Ultra Slim Skinny Jeans
Left: straight models

Ultra-slim jeans are what I left after 20 years. Instead, I choose styles that are a bit more spacious - they now seem cooler to me.

Discarded: cheap t-shirts
Left: T-shirts with a unique print

No more french t-shirts. Now I am betting on T-shirts with a unique and interesting pattern. An example is a colorful T-shirt with a unicorn.

Discarded: ultra short shorts
Left: modest length

I used to practically live in short shorts in the summer, but I no longer feel comfortable in them. Fortunately, there are many cool styles on the market that are a little longer (and, by the way, I do not agree that shorts should not be worn after 30).

Discarded: fashionable sunglasses that do not go to me
Left: classic ones that look really beautiful on me

I always followed the latest fashion trends for sunglasses, ordered them without even trying on, and later wore them, even if they did not fit me. Now I invest in more classic styles that I will wear for years.

Dropped: shiny sneakers
Left: neutral shades

At some point, I went through a period of love for sneakers, and I can say with relief that I outgrew it. They were funny, of course, but I found out that universal sneakers suit me better.

Discarded: clothes in the style of boho
Left: two-piece kits

Not that I was ever a boho girl, but there were times when I indulged in it in my 20 years. In the end, I realized that it didn’t suit me, and when I want to wear something fun in warm weather, I’ve gotten to two-piece chic sets.

Discarded: tulle
Left: silk and satin

Although Sarah Jessica Parker did a great job with tulle, I feel a little silly about him. But the fact that I will never throw it away is exquisite silk and satin things.

Discarded: jeans and pants with low waist
Left: high waisted models

I do not like jeans and trousers with a low waistline, but I still wore them when they were fashionable. Fortunately, I don't think high-waisted models will ever go out of style.

Dropped: short and narrow dresses and skirts
Left: Flowing Models

Some of the tight dresses and skirts that still remain in my closet make me cringe ... I'm much happier when I put on something that is airy and not tight.

Dropped: slates
Left: rubber or leather sneakers

Despite the fact that slates never go out of fashion, I chose to wear leather sneakers and sandals that make the image more elegant.