Beauty gifts that you should give yourself to your beloved: 5 budget hits

Although there can be little better than watching a movie with a cup of hot cocoa, staying in the spirit of a 24/7 holiday can be quite difficult. Holiday chores, from planning meals for hungry guests to finding gifts for them, can be more of a cause of stress than joy. So take it as an excuse to pamper yourself with a small gift (or two) for all the hard work you have done. We have gathered for you some of the best ideas of beauty shopping that will help you to be elated before the end of the year - and beyond!

Perfumery Water Women, Calvin Klein

Refresh yourself after a day spent in a crowded shopping center with this woody floral fragrance, which contains a unique mix of orange, eucalyptus and cedar notes.

Spiced Sugar Cubes, Harper + Ari

Since not everyone has the patience for real delicacies and gingerbread, choose instead these sugar cubes-body scrubs with the scent of ginger and cinnamon. The warm, spicy aroma brings the same cozy atmosphere as freshly baked cookies, and the sugar gently removes dead skin cells, making it brighter and smoother.

Fresh Travel Mini Facial

If you are planning a vacation trip, the ultra-moisturizing cleanser, moisturizer and facial mask in mini-format will make your skin radiant and healthy, wherever you are - whether it's a plane or just your bathroom.

Cushion Spray & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray, REN

If you spent last night, tossing and turning in bed restlessly and mentally adding items to your list, give yourself a good sleep. This soothing incense and lavender spray helps relieve stress and relax the mind.

Holiday mini lipstick Coffret, Rodin Olio Lusso

No time to prepare for a corporate party? No problem. With these cream lipsticks - each of which contains jasmine oil and neroli for nourishing lips - you can add a festive touch to your everyday makeup in one motion.