Jeans that we all will wear in 2019: 3 versatile pairs

Jeans - the basis of the basic wardrobe, the most win-win, universal and affordable thing in the fashion industry. And we will not tire of confessing to them in love, agree? Despite the fact that certain models of jeans are relevant from year to year and are timeless classics, in each season there are also such models of jeans that win a fashionable pedestal here and now and become a real trend.

What are the most relevant jeans this season? We asked fashion experts about this and found out the following: in total, there are three categories of jeans that are currently the most popular among the fashion audience. In the first category - jeans straight cut in the style of the 90s. In the second - black fitting jeans. And in the third - the classic blue denim.

In our collection - trendy jeans models that will be worn by all women of fashion throughout the year 2019.

Jeans straight cut in the style of the 90s

The iconic silhouette of jeans in the style of the 90s with straight leg and high waist this season again stormed captured fashionable Olympus, defying tight-fitting jeans. A favorite of fashionistas around the world, these jeans look great with everything from basic white t-shirts to festive organza blouses.

Black denim

Classic has suddenly become a trend - black jeans (especially fitting ones) are worn as a stylish statement, most often paired with rough leather shoes, ankle boots with snake print or spectacular high-heeled sandals.

Classic blue denim

It seems that designers are back to basics - classic indigo jeans appear on the catwalks and in street-style chronicles. The key trend of the season is to wear blue jeans with tonal jeans. And this is not too much! If you do not know how to wear a total-look denim, take an example from Instagram-fashionistas. In fashion - jeans with straight leg.