You have the husband you deserve

It is sometimes surprising how similar a man and a woman are in a relationship. Not externally but internally: by spiritual type, character traits, emotions. There is an opinion that in an ideal union the partners are polar as a plus and a minus, but in the end attract each other.

We hurry to disappoint you or, on the contrary, to please: any tandem is a projection of two people of each other. What you are, so will your beloved, whether you like it or not. This is inherent in us by nature and psychological mechanisms that allow us to read and adopt the inner state of other people.

Look for causes in your childhood

Remember the relationship in which a woman constantly attacks the same rake, as if magnetically attracting "bad" men - alcoholics, tyrants, gigolos and traitors. Usually, everyone laments and calls her a fool behind her back, but in reality this woman herself has inherent qualities of all the above types, which do not manifest themselves as brightly as in men, but dominate in her.

As a rule, this all comes from childhood, when we adopt the model of relationships and lifestyle of our parents. So it turns out that the seemingly clever and modest girl seeks for herself someone who will project her inner state.

We learn from each other

The participants in the relationship always learn from each other and adopt behavior, and learn both good and bad. If your man is a tyrant, think: you are not a carrier of internal aggression yourself, and he continues your line of conduct? If your partner is stingy, most likely you yourself are stingy in some area of ​​your life: it could be emotions, feelings and dedication.

The one who is next to us points us to our negative sides, which we often stubbornly don’t want to notice. As they say, before blaming the other, try to understand yourself, and this is true. After all, a close person, who is revealed to us by fate, comes into our life in order to teach something, to help to look at many things in a different way and leave invaluable experience, even if he be painful.