8 little things that make happy couples and do not even ask each other

In healthy relationships, partners give love and support often and unconditionally. They do not wait for a special occasion to show their appreciation. They truly love doing nice things for each other just like that.

We asked the relationship experts to tell what things happy couples do for each other without asking. Here is what they told:

1. They are interested in each other’s affairs.

This may be a simple call with the question "How did it go?". They call to say, “I'm late,” “We just landed,” or “Do you need me to go to the store on my way home?” For example, a simple message with the words “I think of you” gives a feeling of a strong connection, says an expert on marriage and family and the author of the book “Only One Tango Dance” Winifred M. Reilly.

2. They compliment each other.

“It does not have to be a nice compliment that you are the best wife in the world. But even a small praise, recognizing the achievement, for example, a great dinner, will benefit. While some couples do well without praise, most people prefer to hear a positive assessment of their achievements. Happy couples are even more successful if they praise each other, ”says Samantha Rodman, a psychologist and dating specialist.

3. They surprise each other with “just like that”

"To give a partner a signed postcard" I think of you "or" Thank you for everything you do "is a very pleasant gesture. This will enable a man or woman to feel special and will be an excellent reminder. Another interesting suggestion is to leave the postcard in an unusual place for a loved one. It may even be a refrigerator or a pillow, advises marriage therapist Susan Pease Gadua.

4. They are generous and do not keep "accounts"

“Generosity is something that is always present in a relationship, and nothing is expected in return. When relationships are stable, I want to offer more to show my love for a partner. In a harmonious couple, partners are generous to each other, not expecting anything in return, ”says family psychologist Kari Carroll.

5. They speak openly about their thoughts and feelings.

“When he or she feels it’s like pulling the bull by the horns to get each other to say something, the relationship can be difficult. Happy couples can not communicate constantly, but on a subconscious level, they more often understand each other without words and feel that they really know each other, ”says Samantha Rodman.

6. They cook their favorite dishes for their partners.

“We all know that food nourishes and helps people feel connected. But when you cook at home a special meal that your chosen one loves, this is a wonderful way to remind you of your love without words, ”says Susan Pease Gadua.

7. They usually say thank you.

“In long-term relationships, the surest way to keep a spark between loving people is to regularly celebrate the partner’s contribution to life together. People want to be reminded that they are valuable to you, and happy couples understand that this should happen often. Recognizing such efforts by your half creates an even deeper connection, ”says Kari Carroll.

8. “I love you”

“In happy couples such recognition sounds when it is seemingly too unexpected. In many ways, “I love you” comes more from one person than from another. Usually one leads and the other follows. Too often, I hear an excuse: "I do not want to abuse these words." In a happy relationship, both partners start saying this and they really mean their feelings, ”says relationship counselor Kurt Smith.

If your man does not do all these things, do not be discouraged. Happy relationships need the aspirations of both partners. If you do not get what you want, it is worth discussing it with your chosen one so that he can hear your desires.