Stylists have called 6 daily habits, because of which women have unkempt hair

We constantly ask our hair masters about what to do with our strands, but do we ever wonder how they take care of their hair?

We asked six professional hair stylists about their personal hair care habits and what they would never do - take a note!

Do not comb hair

“I never lazy to comb hair. It is very important to do this every day, because otherwise the hair becomes tangled and then damaged and broken when we try to unravel them, ”says Christina, hair stylist.

Do not use hair masks

“I am engaged in the pool and have to wash my hair more often than I would like, therefore I always use a treatment mask during each hair wash. This makes hair healthier, shinier, flexible and prevents brittleness, ”says star colorist Sharon Dorr.

Use hot tools on wet hair.

“I never use hot tools unless my hair is 100% dry. After all, the heat effect on wet hair is very harmful. I would never have slept on ordinary cotton pillowcases, because this fabric removes moisture from the hair and creates friction during sleep, which can cause hair breakage. So I only use silk pillowcases, ”says Justin Marian, a hairdresser-stylist.

Forget about the stage of exfoliation

“I never forget to exfoliate the scalp. This is especially true for those who, like me, rarely wash their hair. I use special products to care for the scalp every four days, ”says star stylist Jennifer Jepez.

Use products with sulphates and silicone

“I am principled when it comes to shampoo. I would prefer not to wash my hair for several days than to use shampoo, which contains sulphates and silicones. These ingredients make hair color dull and may even be associated with hair loss. The shampoo should gently clean your hair while protecting its structure and color, ”says famous hair stylist Joseph Mayne.

Forget to protect hair before combing

“I never comb my wet hair unless I apply an indelible care product on it. You can even treat the teeth with a comb. Otherwise, the hair will cling to the comb and break, ”- says the stylist of the hair, Caroline Aronson.