2 minutes of self-massage, and your face will be like after a spa: learn from Japanese women

A Japanese facial massage can instantly enhance your beauty ritual. It is proved that massage cleanses the skin and promotes microcirculation, which increases blood flow in the vessels - they are cleansed, and the skin gets rid of dullness and wrinkles. Circulation not only refreshes blood cells and removes “waste” from the vessels, but also makes you feel fantastic. At the same time, the massage will take you only 2 minutes, so you can easily include it in your morning and evening beauty ritual.

Asayaka morning face massage

@samanthajhahnAsayake in Japanese means "morning shine". Before this type of massage you need to hold your hands under cold water to cool your palms. Cold palms will wake your skin. Repeat each step five times.

Step One: Apply a moisturizer to your hands to glide over your skin.

Step two: gently massage your neck.

Step Three: Move upward from the center of the chin along the jawbone, slightly pressing.

Step Four: Place your fingers on the nose and move along the orbital bone.

Step Five: Place your fingers above the eyebrows and slide up towards the hairline.

Yujake evening face massage

@ samanthajhahn Massage Yuyake - “evening shine” - relieves stress and removes toxins. Before massage, rub your hands to warm them. Repeat each step five times.

Step one: start just above the hairline and massage your scalp with your fingers, moving back and forth.

Step Two: Apply a moisturizer to your hands. Press the inner corner of the eyebrows with your fingers and move the flesh to the ears along the brow line.

Step three: press the base of the nose with your index and middle fingers and move towards the ears along the cheekbones.

Step Four: Place your fingers behind the ears and massage along the jaw line, and then down from the neck to the collarbone. This will provide lymphatic drainage.