Even hotter: underwear that will delight a man

Luxurious underwear is what helps every woman to reveal her sensuality, increase attractiveness and self-confidence, even if it is completely covered with everyday clothes. Body jewelry can be as sexy sets of expensive world brands, and elegant models of the average price category, if you know how to combine them.

In everyday life, women often prefer to wear comfortable and comfortable underwear, but seductive lace models that reflect the elegance of the figure, inspiring and spectacular, can also literally blend into the body without bringing any discomfort. Do you think this does not happen and beauty cannot coexist with comfort? Let's try to convince you.

Premium brands

Dita von teese

Take at least the collection of Dita Von Teese. The woman, whose name bears the brand, as no one else knows a lot about seducing men. Dizzying images are thought out to the smallest detail, thanks to which they become so vivid, memorable, but comfortable to fit. Dita treats fabrics, laces and other materials used in the creation of lingerie with special care, so that the most unusual and exclusive thing during wearing is literally like a second skin. Prices for the collections of Dita Von Teese are considered to be quite high, although the brand seeks to make them available to every woman in the world.
Belt for stockings Dita Von Teese,.


More extravagance for a little less money offers the brand Demoniq. The secret of their inspiration lies in the embodiment of the most piquant fantasies. The modest girl who has put on the underwear from the collection becomes an uncompromising predator whose strength and self-confidence will be felt by any man. To complement the sensual image will help accessories created for each model. In this case, the main task of designers remains the comfort of clients, so you can wear a luxurious set on any day, and not just in anticipation of a passionate night.
Body Demoniq,.

Maison Close

Another brand seeking to lift the veil of secret desires - Maison Close. The basis of the collections is tenderness and weightlessness. A woman who puts on models of them is able to feel every millimeter of her body and to intrigue her partner, who will certainly want to solve the riddle of this suddenly appeared sexuality and eroticism. Let us open one important secret: the designers of the company draw inspiration from their professional seducers who lived in France several centuries ago for creating their amazing collections.
Maison Close Kit,.

Affordable Brands

Women's secret

Those who are not ready to spend big money on underwear can pay attention to one of the most sensual and feminine brands - Women's secret. Comfortable, recognizable, but inexpensive models from collections attract the attention of fatal beauties and innocent creatures all over the world. Hardly perceptible, not bringing even the slightest unpleasant sensations, this linen breaks stereotypes and makes your head spin. A variety of shapes, colors, styles - that's what makes it both popular and exclusive.
Bra women'secret,.


Another brand that every woman can afford is Triumph. Initially, the collections of this linen were created for special occasions, therefore they were distinguished by elegance and nobility. The company follows these principles today, although it has long since moved on to creating models for every day. They are seduced by unusual shapes and an original combination of fabrics, textures and lace. A woman in Triumph underwear can go on an unexpected date and not worry that she will suddenly have to take off her outerwear.
Triumph kit,.

How to wear underwear

Whatever brand and model you choose, wear your underwear with dignity, then the most extravagant set will look stylish and not go. Follow the simple rules:

  • Do not let the clothes look out from under your clothes or shine too much.
  • Pay more attention to the details, complement the image with accessories, preferably belonging to the same collection as the linen itself.
  • Lace is great! But not when it is worn under a transparent blouse. Leave it for thicker materials, especially as smooth underwear can also be quite sexy.
  • Add an image of sexuality, replacing tights on stockings. Any brand of underwear adds this part of the wardrobe to their collections and it would be wrong to neglect them.
  • Buy different clothes, experiment with forms, colors, textures, to always surprise your man.
  • The cost of underwear does not always determine its quality. You can find amazing models even for inexpensive brands, although every woman should at least occasionally indulge herself with premium lingerie.