For those below 1.60: how to wear shoes without heels

With just a few proven styling techniques and well-chosen items, you can look tall even if you wear flat shoes.

Many miniature women feel much lower when they decide to wear low-soled shoes. However, we guarantee that there are several ways to wear flat shoes without losing growth.

Below we have compiled a list of the best tips for wearing shoes at low speed so that your legs do not look shorter.

Pick up shoes to match the legs to visually lengthen the legs

Ankle boots often “cut” ankle feet, which makes you look visually lower than you are. To avoid this effect, pick up shoes to match the trousers to achieve a monochrome lengthening effect: that is, if you wear black shoes, combine them with dark jeans or black tights, and if, for example, wear a dress, shorts or skirt on bare legs, choose shoes in skin tone.

Combine flat shoes with long skirts and coats

Lost centimeters from boots on a low run can be replenished by wearing long clothes together with them. As an option - to combine chelsea boots with a midi skirt and ankle-length coat, in order not only to look visually taller, but also to be in no way inferior to the trendy street-style stars.

Choose shoes with thick soles or platform

With the help of a small platform or thick soles on low shoes you can win in the struggle to appear higher. We promise, no one will even notice the cunning trick. Act like fashion bloggers - and combine boots on thick soles with tight jeans with high waists (they are better than any other clothes make us look visually higher).

Look for sharp-toed shoes

If you are miniature, shoes with a round toe are definitely less beneficial for you than models with a pointed nose - they extend the line of the legs. It is even more advantageous to add such shoes with flared trousers.