A life

A woman who has ceased to please everyone and make herself a good wizard

My friend Zoya was an ideal woman in all respects — a clever, beautiful, excellent hostess, understanding, kind, trying to do well first and foremost to others, and then herself. Zoya was adored by everyone - her husband, mother-in-law, parents, girlfriends, colleagues, and hats. Zoe seemed to be a woman with an inexhaustible battery: she raised 3 children, made a career, earned good money, always supported her husband, cooked borscht and kept the house in perfect condition, always congratulated her mother-in-law for all holidays and never cursed with anyone. Everyone admired Zoe and quietly envied how she was able to keep up and take everything in her hands.

Everything continued until, as some said, the demon did not dwell in Zoe. She suddenly quit a good job and got a tour guide at a local museum, getting a penny. She stopped checking children’s homework and calling her husband every 10 minutes. I forgot about borscht and ordered ready meals for the house, stopped ironing shirts and socks, did not want to spend the holiday by the sea with my husband, children and mother-in-law and did not even congratulate her on the great holiday of Mother's Day, because she was completely immersed in exciting shopping. Zoyin's relatives were shocked, the mother-in-law was offended for the rest of his life, and all his acquaintances looked askance at their girlfriend and twisted their fingers at the temple.

In the midst of all this turmoil, Zoe invited me to meet in a cafe. She ran into the room, rosy, rejuvenated by 5 years, without a gram of makeup, in wide teenage jeans and sneakers. We ordered a cup of tea, and a friend, sparkling with happy eyes, told me everything from her side.

15 years of marriage is happiness. But happiness, stubbornly built by her endurance, perseverance and work. All her life Zoya lived with a firm assurance than she owed everything to everyone, and she tried in every way to repay this debt. She stepped over herself, thought about how to make things better for others, was afraid to inadvertently offend someone, in every possible way chose the right words, swallowed injustice and always gave way.

No, Zoe is madly in love with her children and has not abandoned her husband. Just now she lives more for herself than for others. She does not smile to her mother-in-law when she does not want this, does not go on vacation under her supervision, and is not afraid to tell her something uncomfortable. He does not try to be an understanding and ideal wife who sacrifices herself for her husband and forgives him all the insults and ugly deeds. He does not live the lives of children, does not prepare three meals for lunch, does not wash dishes for all, and does not rush around the house with a rag and vacuum cleaner, manically looking for dirt. Oh yeah, she also left her hated job and now she’s engaged in the dream of her whole life - telling people about the most beautiful features of our city. After all, it was not for nothing that she studied art, and then she buried all her skills.

Zoe just stopped being comfortable for everyone. She stopped pleasing, anticipating desires and making herself a good wizard. Her life is harmony with oneself, and it is impossible to achieve it by living with other people, no matter how close they are. Let now accept her for what she is - frivolous, free, careless and freed from heavy burden of responsibility for other people's destinies.