5 things that confuse a man and which he secretly wants to hear from you

We look at the opposite sex as a riddle. And we always try to understand each other with curiosity. The truth is that men and women are more similar than different.

Below are 5 important things that men are afraid to talk about, but secretly hope to discuss them with you:

1. What do you really enjoy?

Men always tell friends that they know exactly what you need. But in reality they cannot understand this. Start by asking him what he likes about being close. And then smoothly direct the conversation so that you can talk about what you like.

2. Features of the female body

Many men often feel embarrassed when seeing or talking about the intricacies of the female reproductive system. But this does not mean that they are not interested. This may mean that they simply do not know what to ask. Not everyone had sex education lessons, not everyone read books on this topic. So be patient and help fill the gaps in their knowledge of the female reproductive organs and related processes.

3. Fears and phobias

In addition to the usual fear of spiders or snakes, every man can have fears embedded deep inside. Talking about fears can show it vulnerable. But the vulnerability and socially constructed idea of ​​masculinity does not always go hand in hand. Show a man that this is normal - to make such conversations, you can openly talk about your fears.

4. His problems

Of course, they are uncomfortable and unpleasant. And many men prefer to keep silent about them, rather than bringing everything to the surface. This is especially true of the psychological, emotional, or physical problems that they usually hide. But for mental health, normalizing and resolving fears and anxieties is important. Therefore, a man should ask whether he is happy, how he feels, what makes him happy or what he can do.

5. Verification words

Although some men talk about this, most still do not show how important the words of confirmation from a woman are to them. There is a kind of barrier that does not allow men to show external gratitude or emotions when they are told that they are loved and appreciated. For a woman, it is natural to praise and receive praise.

Bear in mind that men are more often focused on physical expression of gratitude than on verbal. Try to explain to your chosen one why you care about him and ask him to formulate the same. Or talk about the difficulties of verbal expression of feelings and emotions.