A life

A woman who rested from everyday life, changing her husband

For some reason, it is believed that a woman can not change just like that - for pleasure, for a change of scenery, for new emotions and fresh sensations. All this is a purely male prerogative, because only they, my dears, can be tired of family, routine, duties, and always-crying children. And we, women, always happily weave at the stove and with a song we iron our shirts - and we don’t need anything else.

In general, in itself, female treason is something out of the ordinary. She started a novel on the side - it means a lady of easy virtue, weak on the front end, a girl with the letter “B” and many more different epithets. Men women treason, in principle, do not forgive at all. It is only we who, having learned that the beloved is walking to the left, sob, whine, fall on his knees and take all the blame on himself.

But back to the topic of women's treason. I have a friend Alena, who has been happily married for 10 years. She and her husband live in perfect harmony, do not swear because of trifles, do not argue about whom to wash the dishes, do not share money, and agree on matters concerning the upbringing of children. Honestly, sometimes I even envy Alena a little - a handsome husband, a prosperous life, regular sex and eternal love.

A couple of times a year, my husband sends Alain to overseas resorts, to improve the health of his spirit and the beauty of his body. And so, just stepping on the land of another country, Alyona almost immediately starts a non-binding novel. Finds an attractive handsome man with an athletic figure and embarrasses himself. Moreover, as she herself claims, this does not affect her attitude towards her husband, because he is her best. It's just such a relaxation, a change of scenery, rest for the body and soul. Treason for pleasure - you can say so.

“I have every right to this,” a friend confidently declares. “I don’t know what my beloved husband does on his business trips and I’m not going to check. But I know for sure that he loves me anyway, ”says Alain slyly and smiles faintly. Well, I totally agree with her. After all, it is not just the same peasants who satisfy their needs and rest from monotony and everyday life.