7 easy ways to manipulate men, which they themselves throw up with us

In the minds of every man there is always a certain feminine image, endowed with certain unearthly features, which he considers the only one that exists and is unshakable. For example, stereotypes that a woman should be a gentle fairy, dressed in a feminine dress and always in high-heeled shoes. Oh yeah, she must always smile and be incredibly sweet with everyone. Many of us are now chuckling and grinning. But let's not persuade men to change their point of view, but simply learn how to use their myths for their own benefit.

1. Women adore dresses, high heels and pink.

What about the fact that some of us prefer ripped jeans, sneakers and leather leather jackets? Well, we are no longer women? Take advantage of his delusion and pull him out to the otvyazny shopping, where and show him your preferences in clothing. And he pays for everything, naturally.

2. Women dream of a family

Family - in the classic sense of a husband and two children, well, or at least one. Yes, maybe it was a hundred years ago, but now women have become more progressive and confident. Happiness in life can be obtained not only from a happy marriage and motherhood, life is multifaceted and, above all, it is important to be in harmony and harmony with yourself. Try to show yourself to a man not from the “mother-hostess”, but from the versatile, enthusiastic and fully living woman's life. Sure, he will appreciate it.

3. All women are mercantile

Yes, there are a lot of stinkers around, who instead of men see a credit card with a certain number of zeros or a wallet full of bills. But such is not all! Try to open his eyes and show yourself to be kind, clean, and value spiritual values.

4. All women are very jealous.

As if not so - among us there are wise persons who know that jealousy is a feeling that, above all, diminishes their own dignity. Prove to him that you are from this cohort, and he will surely admire your mind and self-sufficiency.

5. Women perfectly know how to cook, clean and be the perfect hostess.

For some reason, men believe that these qualities are in every girl almost from birth, and require us borscht, three-story cakes and ironed shirts. Of course, you shouldn’t really go to extremes and starve him and become covered with dirt, but it’s neat to show that a woman is not a cleaner or a dishwasher.

6. Women are not able to have sex at once

In the image of men, we are all chaste and chaste, who would never agree to a one-time affair and will not let in to him someone who is not well known. But show them that we, too, can be wild, wild, reckless and passionate about our desires. Wow, such a hot woman just no one wants to let go!

7. Women are very vulnerable and sensitive.

Yes, it is, and it is good, but only sometimes. Many men who are confident of women's weakness, shamelessly take advantage of this and make us dependent on them. In the interests of your pride, self-sufficiency and self-confidence, prove to them that we are far from the weaker sex, and will always be able to stand up for ourselves and not give offense.