5 of the most sensual compliments that he wants you even more


We all love compliments.

By the way, today you look amazing! (See? How do you feel?)

Compliments are a powerful component of any relationship, especially romantic. Learning how to compliment men is not always a laborious process, but it’s a strategy worth exploring.

Why compliments matter:

Nowadays, everyone is taught to be less sensitive. Facebook comments transform something ordinary into mind-blowing media that fill our brain with subconscious thoughts. We need something that makes us feel good just because it is.

If you look at a guy who you hope will fall in love with you, then this is what makes him feel good. Obviously, telling a man that he has good muscles is no guarantee that he will eventually enter into a relationship with you.

True compliments are more than empty words. They are about communication, support, encouragement and understanding.

In fact, a woman who wants to know what makes a man commit to and open her heart will benefit from learning compliments not as a way to express her thoughts, but as a way to give this man access to the deepest feelings, helping him end up feeling more confident. Of course, this is not all. This also applies to you.

Compliments complement your relationship. They give a sense of intimacy that makes your union lasting.

If you are ready to learn how to make meaningful compliments for men, look at the following 5 examples of what really works:

1. I like the way you think

Many men are thinkers.

When you complement a person's mind, you allow him to feel that he sees himself as someone he is secretly proud of. This has nothing to do with the car he drives, or the amount of money he makes, or the dimples on his cheek. It affects his intellectual side. People like being touched there.

2. Turns me on how you make decisions

Using this compliment is a great way to make him want you, but it's not for everyone. The guy who takes responsibility may not understand if you pretend to get an orgasm every time he renews a subscription to a magazine.

But for guys who have difficulty making decisions, this is a great compliment to use.

3. I love to watch you

Not a very good compliment for the former with a six-meter fence, but in a relationship it is a playful gesture. You can tell a man that you like to watch him cooking, mowing the lawn or playing football. This compliment tells your man that he impresses you, even when he is not trying.

4. I feel safe with you because ...

If you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you - let him know that you feel safe next to him. This is a way to give someone a few compliments for the price of one.

Saying that you feel safe, you also express confidence that he is trustworthy, that he is strong, responsible, wise, and respected.

5. You inspire me

The last compliment you need to make to make you want is one of the toughest praises you can ever say. Every person wants to play a hero in his story, and this compliment allows this story to take shape. So, the next time he does something that inspires you: his work, his actions, his willingness to act outside his comfort zone, let him know that you have noticed.

And let him know that you are impressed with him. A very long time ago.