Reefs relationship with each sign of the zodiac



Aries is a real male. If you are interested in him, he will certainly let you know about it. He is decisive in everything: at work, in life, especially in bed. It’s not so easy to satisfy his animal desires in terms of sex, so be prepared to learn a lot from him. Its undoubted plus is that you never know what to expect from him, and the minus is that he pays too much attention to himself.


Taurus dating usually means a lot of good food and drinks. In addition, Taurus just love touch, so sex with them is always above all praise. They love to spend time in nature and with their families and do not seek to diversify their lives as much as possible. In addition, they will go to an incredible erotic, and in the negative - obsession with one and the same.


Every date with these lovers will be unforgettable fun. Cinema, dancing, sitting in the bar - and this is only Monday! Get ready for an all-time adventure. With such a partner you will never be bored in bed, because every time he intends to surprise you with something new. You will not get bored with Twins, and this is their undoubted plus, but because of their excessive sociability they often show inattention, and this is a minus.


Relations with Cancers are always like a roller coaster, primarily because they are unrealistically capricious. However, their mood rarely depends on the partner. At one moment, under the weight of this world, they may feel the need to retire to a place where they will be calmer. If we exclude mood swings, which are naturally their main disadvantage, then Cancers are excellent partners, the undoubted advantage of which is the ability to listen and support.

a lion

Lions are considered to be the kings of the jungle. They, as a rule, strive to be the best and sincerely believe that this is the case, often without putting necessary effort into evidence. Usually, it is incredibly fun with them, among the obvious advantages are their love and generosity, and among the minuses - arrogance and egocentricity.


Virgo is one of the most organized signs of the zodiac. Dev is difficult to get praise from, so if you deserve it, know that it comes from the heart. In addition, Virgo is well aware of the rules of etiquette and knows how to bring pleasure to her partner in bed. The obvious advantages of Dev are the ability to plan and adhere to the intended plan, and the disadvantages are shyness and a sense of insecurity.


Scales are aimed at relationships and the maintenance of world peace. They love to exercise control and know how to achieve the desired with the help of their natural charm. Libra is an incredible romance that should certainly be considered a plus, but too fixated on the appearance, which sometimes acts as a significant minus.


If you lack passion, Scorpio is your choice. Mysterious, active, deep and insanely sexy. You can not even try to reveal all his secrets. In life, he chooses either all or nothing. Its main advantage is that it will allow you to feel the center of the Universe, but at the same time you will have to put up with jealousy - its main disadvantage.


Sagittarius - optimistic, athletic and fun. You will dream of meeting him, and he, in turn, will treat you more like a friend. All because of his freedom, the desire to travel and openness. His undoubted advantages are passion, cheerful mood and the ability to truly be friends, and the minus is excessive emotionality.


Capricorn is stable, reliable and able to reach unprecedented heights thanks to its inexhaustible efforts. It is unlikely that your relationship will be so exciting, especially given its commitment to tradition. The main advantage of Capricorn is that it never breaks the promise, and the minus is excessive workaholism.


This unpredictable freedom lover is like no one. You never know what to expect from him. Habitual dates are not for him as well as standard poses. The undoubted advantage in his case is ingenuity, but the minus is uncertainty in terms of having one or more partners with him that you don’t even suspect.


Fish - sensual and open. Lovers of Pisces are born poets, from time to time in need of isolation and solitude. Their main advantage is that they are not afraid to share their emotions, and frequent mood swings are their minus.