2 compulsory procedures that will make your skin specifically ideal

A beauty skin care routine that is right for you is crucial to the health of your skin. One of the fundamental rules, for example, is to wash off makeup for the night. However, in addition to this rule, there are many others.

Sunscreen and eye cream should be another indispensable part of your skin care. It is equally important to find the perfect moisturizer.

Everyone's skin is different, so when drawing up an individual skin care plan, it is important to take into account age, the characteristics of your skin and environmental factors.

Not sure where to start? To help you - a practical guide, created with the help of professional cosmetologists, which will help you to improve your usual beauty-skin care routine. But first things first. First, let's talk about skin types.

Oily skin

Do you notice that you have enlarged pores when you look in the mirror? Does your face often suffer from oily shine regardless of the weather? Most likely, you have oily skin with increased sebum production.


Choose a cleanser that foams well to effectively cleanse the pores of dirt and sebum. Try also to wash your face from time to time with a honey solution (¼ cup of honey mix with cup of water or coconut milk and 1 tablespoon of liquid Castile soap) - it will eliminate bacteria, help reduce sebum secretion, and at the same time does not pull moisture out of the skin.
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It is a common misconception that oily skin does not require a moisturizer. This is fundamentally not true! If you have oily skin, simply choose a moisturizer with a lightweight texture that the pores will not clog. You can also use a variety of trendy face oils, but stay away from mineral oils. Better give preference to taman or grape seed oils.
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Combination skin

The combined skin type is the most common. The skin is both oily and dry. And this is quite problematic. The T-zone (nose, forehead and chin) is oily throughout the day, while the cheeks suffer from dryness. Fatty areas of the face may suffer from acne and acne, and cheeks to be completely clean.


Cleansing foams are an excellent solution for use on different areas of combination skin. They are effective when working with oily skin and at the same time will not overdry the rest of the face.
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If you have a combination skin, and you cannot find a suitable moisturizer for the entire face, safely apply two different moisturizers to different areas of the skin. During the day, when paired with a moisturizer, do not forget to apply sunscreen, and before going to bed, use nutrients and ultra-moisturizers - especially on dry skin. For example, jojoba oil.

Dry skin

If you feel tightness of the skin immediately after washing and your face is prone to the appearance of wrinkles, then most likely you have dry skin. Every year the skin can become more and more dry, and it is important that it be moisturized - this in particular will delay the appearance of wrinkles.


Creams with a creamy texture are the best choice for owners of dry skin. These cleansers do not deprive the skin of its natural oils and do not leave behind a feeling of tightness. Despite its delicate effect on the skin, cream cleansers effectively cleanse the skin.
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Serum fights light wrinkles that often appear on dry skin. At night, use tools that are rich in oils and soothing ingredients, such as rosehip oil. Hyaluronic acid in the composition of the product will also be a huge plus and in addition to moisturizing it will provide the skin with a protective barrier.
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Sensitive skin

Important: you may have sensitive skin in addition to any of the above skin types. That is, for example, you can be both owner of oily and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin often suffers from redness and / or irritation. If you have sensitive skin, you should pay close attention to all the tools that you use, and immediately note the ones that cause any adverse reactions.

So, after you have determined your skin type, choose a suitable cleansing and moisturizing agent.


All skin types need peeling! Scrubs are an excellent exfoliating agent - they are sufficient to use 2-3 times a week. For more gentle exfoliation, you can use masks with alpha hydroxy acids to get rid of dead skin cells.
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All skin types also need sun protection. If you have oily skin, you should use a lighter SPF - as a rule, the higher the SPF, the more oily and thicker its texture is, which is not suitable for oily skin, as the product can clog up in the pores and increase the oily shine on the face. And yes, do not forget to wear a hat, being under the scorching sun for a long period of time!
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