3 details in the wardrobe that guarantee you a failed image

You can long and carefully pick up clothes, reflect on the completeness of the image, successfully combine things, but there are a couple of insidious wardrobe details that will destroy your style once and for all.

Underwear of the wrong color and wrong texture

White panties or bra (or all together) under white clothes made of thin fabric. This combination looks unfortunate. They will sparkle through your clothes like spotlights. White linen color definitely can not be called basic. In fact, it is black and beige shades. I do not urge you to make an audit in the dresser and burn all white, but try to hide the white linen under tight clothes.

The same applies to textured bras under a thin monophonic fabric. All beautiful circles, embroidery, bows, flowers and other decor will create an extra texture on the smooth surface of jackets, blouses, shirts, dresses. More specifically, the chest will look wrinkled. In general, such girlish joys, like this masterpiece from Agent Provocateur, are by default not created to be worn under clothing.
@ andotherstoriesOr another catastrophic mistake - standard triangular panties under any bottom. What is the problem here? The problem is that all the seams and outlines are visible. An alternative to stringings is seamless underwear, where the edges are cut off by a laser, and not stitched.

Inability to combine jeans and high boots

No matter how fashion-bloggers assure us, there is nothing anti-trend to wear these two pieces of clothing together. The problem is their inept combination:

Dark shoes and light fabric on the legs. A typical unfortunate example: light blue jeans and black high boots.

No less failing contrast - light shoes and dark fabric on the legs.
@ andotherstories Wrong leg width. For example, loose-fitting jeans, which are gathered in a harmonica above the boot top. Or with saggy knees.

The rule in the combination of trousers and high boots is very simple: skinny, leggings, leggings should be chosen according to the color of the shoes.

Bodyless tights with shiny lycra

These "sparkling lightning" on the calf look frankly vulgar. And the more open legs in these shining tights, the cheaper the image. Such "capron" kill both the style of the most fashionable skirt, and the most successful shoes.

If you listen to stylists, then you don’t need to wear this good old piece of wardrobe for 20-30 den. First, we walk with bare legs until it gets colder, and then immediately look for 80 den and more. A special anathema betray the thin body tights color tan, cappuccino, bronze. This is explained by the fact that the "tanned" legs and pale bare arms, neck, face - not comme il faut. It’s a logical anti-trend, but what to do if the body from above has already managed to sunbathe and the legs are not under the pants yet? That's right, nothing terrible will happen if you wear tights a couple of tones darker than your skin.
@ andotherstoriesTo not get confused, the similarity results, how can in 2019 you should wear thin transparent tights, if you really decided to leave them:

  • No shine in hosiery. In fashion modest dullness and a suitable beige shade.
  • If you had to wear transparent tights in winter with warm clothes, it is advisable to hide the legs to the maximum: boots are higher, the skirt is longer and the top is even longer. It's not even about climate comfort. And the fact that almost bare skin on the background of dense materials looks a bit strange.
  • The most fashionable look of the 2000s - body tights, boots and mini-skirt - let it remain better in the memories. This does not mean that the boots are no longer worn. This means that such a division of the legs into three parts should be avoided.