A life

What is a neglected gloom better than a beautiful wife

My friend Eugene had a real grief and the collapse of her whole life - her husband left her mistress. And, okay, he would have exchanged it for someone really standing, but no, his new passion is just ugly and mymra. It’s scary to even look at this one, not like loving and going to bed.

Moreover, Zhenya herself was always a real beauty, even at the institute all the girls were jealous of her and herds were running around guys. Now her friend is 37, but she is still in the juice - slender, with a perfect chiseled figure, seductive breasts, attractive legs, always well-groomed, dressed with needles, and also professionally owns strip-plastic. When Zhenka walks down the street, clattering his heels, all men just fold their heads, and women quietly hate her. So, from this very ideal beauty her husband went to some grounded plain woman!

For almost a month, Zhenka came to me every day looking at night, persuaded a bottle of semi-dry red, cried, swore, to which the light of her husband's bones and cursed his mistress. And the husband, as it turned out, loved his heartwash with all his heart, but no feelings remained for Zhenka. “Well, how can it be, tell me? Well, what is this monster better than me? ”, - Eugene smeared tears and roared sobbing.

I must say, this story is not uncommon, when from ideal super models of wives, husbands go to simple portly Masham. Yes, Masha is usually not at all beautiful, even rather ugly and zatyukannaya. But then she is real - sincere, sincere, sympathetic, understanding and affectionate. She also knows how to cook delicious borscht, strokes shirts, listens to life complaints, gives advice and is not afraid to appear in public without makeup. Masha is so simple that with her you feel yourself in your board - you don’t have to build out of yourself who you are, don’t play roles and put on masks. To Masha pulls in, despite the fact that she has 20 extra kg, cellulite, wrinkles, and she does not know how to walk on his heels.

Maybe all of us sometimes need to think about the fact that in the pursuit of an ideal image and a magazine picture we become women without a soul - like a Barbie doll, to which you first pull, and then it turns out that it is empty and silicone. After all, men need not only elastic boobs, beautiful butt and long legs. Like it or not, but the soul always takes over, what is inside us.

And yes, whoever said no, you can bewitch with borsch, and with a clean house, and mutual understanding. But 5 breast size is impossible. Well, it can only if for one-time meetings, and then everything, the interest disappears, the desire runs out, and a human need for love, care and affection appears.