7 haircuts that look perfect, even if you are just awake

Some women are real experts in using curling irons. Others can braid with lightning speed and accuracy. But perhaps most women, although they sometimes try, do not belong to the previous two categories. Fortunately, with the right haircut, you can put a minimum of effort on styling and care and still look impeccable. We have prepared for you a guide on surprisingly easy to use (but no less elegant and fashionable from this) haircuts.


Perhaps there is no one who personifies laid-back beauty better than Jen Aniston. She has been doing the “ladder” haircut over the shoulders for years, and, we admit, we cannot blame her for such consistency. This haircut very well frames the face - you only need to refresh it every few months.

Hair of the same length

Another option - a flat haircut, when all the strands of the same length. This is especially suitable for super-straight or thin strands (since blunt, even ends on one level create the illusion of fullness).


Especially multi-layered haircut will look on curly hair. Curly hair actually behaves better when trimmed. Ask the wizard to make you a multi-layered haircut and give your hair the desired silhouette and shape. And then just get out of bed and go to work - you can not even put this haircut on.

Corner forehead

The reason why the forehead cut has been so popular over the past few years is because it just works and is suitable for almost any type of hair. Ask the wizard to make the front strands slightly longer than the back ones (so that the longest strands touch your collarbone slightly).

Shag shoulder

If you want to take a break from short haircuts and try something new, grow your hair up to your shoulders and ask the master to make you a shag with torn layers along the entire length of your hair. To complete the image, cut off the front strands of a shorter face in the form of a curtain-bang. In the mornings after a shower, let your hair dry naturally for the effect of slightly curly bulk strands in the spirit of the 70s.

Flat bob

If volume is paramount to you, do not make a multi-layered haircut, but choose straight ends with a blunt cut. To beat the hairstyle, ask the front strands to be slightly longer. If you have perfect straight hair every morning, you just need to run through the hair with a comb or remove strands on one side of your face behind your ear.


Of course, such a haircut will need to be updated every few weeks, but in everyday life pixie requires no more than a light mousse through the hair. The front hair may be slightly longer, and ask the sides and back to cut it shorter to give the hair the desired shape.