8 red signals that a man no longer cares about you and your relationship

When you are in a relationship, you expect your partner to have a mutual feeling of love and respect, an attentive attitude towards yourself. In the end, this is what you give to a man every day. But he gets it, but he does not answer you in return. And this attitude of a man you eventually take for granted.

Here are 8 signs in your relationship that he no longer appreciates you:

1. He only assumes

A man does not ask what you want, what you think, why you think so - because you are sure that he knows everything. He will not even strike a finger to help you with housework or, for example, to cook dinner when he has a day off. Because he thinks you can do it yourself.

He has speculations for all occasions, but he does not even understand that 99% of them are wrong. If a man appreciates you, he will clarify your opinion, find out your wishes, somewhere will help with household chores, because he knows - this will only strengthen your relationship.

2. The end of the evening dates

When you first started dating, you went on romantic dates almost every day. Why not go on a date today, not a luxurious and grandiose, but a simple date in the park? Why not spend half a day together, doing what brings pleasure and enjoyment to both?

Instead, your contented man sits on the couch in front of the TV for days, eating pizza and pizza, or playing online video games with friends. In this case, you completely ignore. Better not think of.

3. The man stopped making compliments to you

If your loved one used to say, what beautiful blue eyes you have, how sweet your smile is, how these jeans sit on you sexually, now, if he even looks at you, he doesn’t notice anything. A compliment from him sounded so long ago that it is difficult not even to remember what he was about. This is bad.

4. He walks constantly in dirty jeans and sweatpants.

The time has passed when your beloved washed and shaved before your every meeting. Today, to ensure that he dressed beautifully is almost impossible. And the fact that he doesn’t bother to look good when meeting you most likely means that he doesn’t see any need for that. In other words, you are already together, so why? Unpleasant

5. He never listens to what you are talking about.

It happens that people delude you, but it seems that he does this more often than anyone. One gets the impression that you are delivering some inconvenience to your partner, interrupting very important matters with your conversation. He is simply not interested in listening, he prefers that you just keep silent.

6. A man makes decisions based on his, not common interests.

Instead of thinking, asking your opinion, the man, having made sure that the solution works for him, accepts him immediately. No matter how it will affect your life. He expects you to accept and support everything. But if not, this is really bad.

7. He is not responsible for his mistakes, but just waiting for forgiveness.

Instead of admitting his mistakes, asking for an apology, starting to correct them, the man behaves so arrogantly, as if he never makes a mistake. If everything is as it really is, accept it, you have to go through it, because it’s your favorite. But to you, this seems unfair, right?

8. He is not afraid to lose you, because I am sure that this will not happen.

Your partner may make fun of you at the moment when you are already saturated with this attitude and hinting at your care. He insists that you love him too much to leave him. For some reason, he considers himself the navel of the Earth, and about you - that you cannot achieve anything in this life. So, maybe it's time to show that he is wrong?