Zodiac signs, which is difficult to say "I love you" first



You convince yourself otherwise. You convince yourself that you are just friends, and you do not want anything more, because you are not ready, even if you cannot stop thinking about this person, you will not say it anyway.


You are still not sure how he feels, and you are too stubborn to ask, or even agree with the idea that you can say it first, no matter what answer you can get.


You have no problem with confessing your love for someone, but the problem is that you do not know which of them. You usually have feelings for more than one person, and sometimes you can't decide who your heart really wants.


You will say this only when you know for sure that it suits you. You cannot say how you feel towards a person who is a little embarrassed or just interested in you. You need all or nothing love, and you will not say a word until you know that he is also ready for such love.

a lion

You expect him to say it first. Because it cannot be otherwise. You feel that you gave him so many signs and did so much to win his heart that he should just break under pressure and admit it. You like the confidence and satisfaction that you get when you feel that you have “conquered” someone's heart, and not vice versa.


You are not in the perfect position for this. You must be psychologically, financially and emotionally resilient before you can tell someone that you love him or are with someone. You will never really invest in a relationship until you make the first investment in yourself.


You must completely leave all your ex before you tell someone how you feel. Sometimes you may have feelings for someone, but you can also start over with your ex if he speaks to you again. So you want to let go of the past before letting someone in.


You do not want to feel "vulnerable" or "weak." You are known for your strength, independence and social intelligence, and you do not want anything to undermine this reputation. For you to tell someone that you love him is to take off the mask and show someone your deeper and softer side. And that scares you.


You still want to travel and meet other people. You do not want to tell someone that you love them, and then soon move to a new country. Until you find your “home”, you will not allow yourself to temporarily fall in love. You want forever.


You are a thinker. Super-thinker. To tell someone that you love him is impulsive and irrational. First you have to establish a strong connection, get to know him on a deeper level, see him in a worse light, and then make a decision. It will take you a long time to really open up and tell someone what you really feel.


You think he already knows. You think you make it obvious when you see him, or he probably understands when you send that song, that poem or that quote. Since you are a creative person, you think that people have the same ability to correctly interpret the signals that you give them, but sometimes things lose their meaning, and unless you say what you mean, no one will know what you are talking about. think


You do not want anyone to reject you. You do not know how to cope with rejection or not to take it personally. You will think that you have a problem and you will not sleep at night because you will be asking yourself questions. You are very careful, so do not say anything.