5 erroneous ideas about men that women condemn themselves to loneliness

Men as creatures from another planet, to which, at times, do not know how to approach. Trying to better understand the stronger sex, women begin to invent their own non-existent myths, which in fact have a place only in fairy tales or soap operas.

1. Men think not with their head, but with a completely different place.

For some reason, many women believe that all men want only sex from them. They take any courting, gaze, smile, compliment, and even gentlemanly traits as actions performed solely to drag them into bed. Ladies, do not think so stereotypically, not all men need only sex, and not every glance means that he mentally undresses you.

2. Men are required to provide their woman

A very common misconception is when women think that a partner should shoe them, dress them, pay all bills and loans, and fill them with gifts. This can be achieved only by kept women, who for a fee, perform the functions of girls of easy virtue.

3. Men are callous and unemotional

Of course, in terms of empathy and feelings, women are superior to men. But, nevertheless, in the latter, too, instead of the heart, it is not a stone at all. Simply, they are more stingy in expressing emotions and prefer to keep everything in themselves rather than splash out.

4. Men always want to be the head of the family.

Formerly, the father had always had the last word, and no one dared contradict him. In the modern world, everything has changed. There are often situations when a woman works and a man sits on maternity leave with a child. Or when a woman gets much more, and a man invests more in family and comfort. The most important thing is that everyone be happy, satisfied and live in peace and harmony with each other.

5. All men change

Not true. Lying. Slander. Yes, many go to the left, but there are those who all their lives remain faithful to the same woman. And do not go on about those who shout that all men are goats. After all, it is quite possible that it is you who will not fall into a goat, but the very faithful and reliable one.