7 habits that make your home dirty

Disorder poisons our lives. Things accumulate, a mess arises and cleaning the house becomes something very complicated. When things get restless in life, it becomes more and more tempting to allow a lot of things to "go as they go" and get out later. In the end, the mess can turn into something terrible.

But of course, it is not. Any mess, no matter how big it is, can be removed. And the best way to regain control of cleaning is to focus on your character and change it: get rid of one bad habit at a time. So keep reading, and for any character that makes you think you are to blame, make the quickest decision to start changing now: you will be surprised how quickly you will put your house in order.

Put unwanted items in the “junk bin”

No room for unnecessary things in the house? Fine. Put all these things in the basket until it is filled and you can not open it. Wait, not so much. It's great to have such a basket. Just make sure you stick to your strategy: keep small items, such as buttons and screws, in small plastic bags or containers and label them so that you can easily find out where a certain thing is and what it is. Make sure you don’t mix things up, otherwise all your hard work will be done in vain.

Clean up while cooking

The border between cooking and cleaning is very thin. But any mess you can make while cooking dinner is much easier to remove if you just clean up right away. Splashing and splashing can dry out and if you do not clean it right away, it will be harder to clean up afterwards. If you postpone cleaning and clean up after cooking, you will have less motivation to do so. Follow the rule: you clean during cooking (but, of course, not during cooking, which require your attention).

Do not stain

Removing stained stains is much more difficult than removing stains right away, so if you have a habit of letting them dry and wipe them later, definitely get rid of it. Make cleaning easier by keeping stain removers that you may need. Try to learn how to clean everything right away. Your floor mats and your linen will thank you.

Do not leave all your mail in the house.

Mail is a daily mess that can quickly turn into a mess. When you check your mail, do not drop it on the coffee table or on the table. By collecting papers and envelopes, you guarantee two things: your house will look cluttered, and you will surely lose sight of important documents. Make it a rule that when mail arrives, you immediately look at it, throwing away everything you don’t need. Also keep important documents in a safe place.

Do not accumulate read logs.

Journals, like all your mail, can accumulate faster than you think. A small stack on the coffee table or on the table can add a bit of uniqueness to your home, but if you hold on to each issue of the magazine you received in the last 3 years, think about recycling or distributing these issues to your friends.

Do not delay washing until the last pair of clean socks.

Washing clothes is not the funniest job, so people tend to put it off until all the clothes get dirty. Do not wait until you reach the last pair of clean socks. Instead, set a new rule: as soon as you have one-wash laundry, go in for it. So it will be much better than coping with large volumes of washing.

Do not throw clothes and accessories on the chair.

Is the chair in your bedroom acting like a clothes hanger? It's easy to come home, change clothes and throw your clothes on a chair, thinking that you will remove them later. But, if you allow it to accumulate, you will have a completely different complex task that you want to solve later. Give up this habit by setting a rule: you must put things in a cupboard or chest of drawers before you can take something else from there, or, if this seems impracticable, set a new rule that nothing can stay on the chair all night.